Monday, June 27, 2016

Weekend Unplugged

Well this was just not a stellar weekend for us! It started with a power outage on Friday night - meaning no one slept well - and ended with me getting five stitches Sunday evening.

I did have some really fun visitors on Friday morning. Julie and her mother, Catherine, came over to visit. Julie gave me the 4-1-1 on Snapchat. I've had an account but had no idea how to use it. I still really don't "get it," but I love that I can take pictures like this:

When the fussy time hits, this is how we deal...we take selfies to send to Ryan to say hurry home!

Friday afternoon our lights flickered, came on for a second right as I was freaking out and then went out again. And stayed out. Ya'll it was HOT. After a couple of hours our wonderful neighbors decided to turn on their generator and ran us a line. We were able to put a box fan on everybody for bedtime and it helped tremendously!

There's nothing like spending a night without air conditioning to make you truly appreciate all our modern comforts! (And Duncan is still sleeping in the hall. I've been too chicken to try and move him to the nursery again).

Saturday morning I left everyone sleeping in and went to an outdoor yoga class downtown. It was wonderful!

And after naps, we went to the pool. 

Duncan is starting to chunk up a bit! And here he's wondering just why he can't run around! 

And Sunday morning marked 7 weeks of Duncan. He always seems to have the most serious expressions!

Doing yoga with Caroline adds a whole new level of challenge...

And to my boo-boo! I opened the back door to Ryan's 4Runner and a beer bottle had come loose of the pack and hit my leg at just the wrong angle. It was a pretty deep gash. 

I think Ryan was a little too enthusiastic about stitching me up. Five stitches later I'm almost as good as new. 

Thankful for a new day with these precious babes! 

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