Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Weekend Re-cap: Storytime, Chocolate & those days like that

When we were first married my grandmother, Net, used to always remind me of two things: it's not always going to be fun and you can hold a tiger by his tail if you have to.

At the time I remember (inwardly) rolling my eyes and thinking what is she talking about. But you know what? Both are so true! And this weekend was a perfectly example of how they apply to this particular season of life.

Sweet playtime on Saturday morning. I love that in this stage of life my babies' needs are so physically demanding but they are so fixable with a kiss and cuddle. When Caroline breaks down from knocking her head on a piece of furniture or Duncan is fussing because he's hungry, I can fix those needs. One day soon it will be more challenging!

Ryan was off on Saturday and it was just glorious. We tag teamed and got so much done.

Storytime outside M. Judson's. All of a sudden it seems so simple to take Caroline anywhere. We just hopped in the car and headed downtown. 

After story time each child was given a free treat from the bakery inside. I was looking forward to eating Caroline's for her when during my attempt at a picture she grabbed all the chocolate icing off the mini cupcake. I bought a book just to make up for the mess we made!

All my loves! 

That evening Ryan and I grilled out steaks and watched the second episode of Doctor Thorne. Not quite as good as Downton but a good "fix" if you're having withdrawals. I just love Julien Fellows!

Sunday was one of those "days." It was just plain hard. Ryan left before dawn for a 28-hour call and I knew I had all day, all night and then most of the next day all on my own. I was anxious about being on my own overnight. Duncan had kept us all up on Saturday night. I'd tried several times to put him in the nursery and each time Caroline woke up. So she started the day tired and a second tooth is making it's way to the surface so I know that was bothering her as well. She was so tired that nap times were just a struggle and she fought going to sleep like it was her job and she was the boss. Duncan seemed to want to be held or feed constantly. The weather was dreary and threatened thunderstorms all day so we were home bound. And to add insult to injury, Andy Murray lost the French Open!

When all else fails I recruit the dogs for entertainment. Pepe did not know what to think about "his" tennis ball being in the pack 'n play! Time on the porch gives us all a change of scenery!

I wonder what he's thinking here??? He definitely has my bug eyes and overbite! 

In the middle of the afternoon I rallied once I remembered that I'd  (in a sleep-depraved state) signed us up to go to the Med-Peds graduation dinner for the next evening. And arranged for a sitter to come to the house. The graduation dinners are always around this first week and weekend of June. Which is also the time of my family reunion every other year. Last year I missed all three parties and next year, more than likely, I will too. So if I didn't go this year, I wouldn't actually go to one until Ryan graduates! It's hard to believe we are already at the half-way point of residency. All of a sudden the end is in sight! It was sweet to see the tributes to the outgoing graduates - all four of them have been hired by GHS so I think we'll be seeing them around.

It felt great to get dressed up. We have a really sweet college student who has babysat Caroline a few times. I'd been pretty nonchalant about the idea of leaving Duncan until about half way through the dinner and then I was ready to go! My hands were sweaty and my stomach a nervous wreck. I didn't leave Caroline with anyone besides my mom and closest friends (thanks Jennie, Maggie and Jordan!) until she was 7 months old. Duncan was one week and one day - but he probably didn't even notice!

Monday morning a little surprise notification popped up on my phone. The Instagram account RealMomsWearGrey had featured my photo! It was perfect timing as I was feeling a little defeated by the night (at 1 a.m. I'd turned on Pandora on my phone, stuck it in Duncan's basket and rolled over and went to sleep. I'm not actually sure if he was done crying or not. I was just that tired). I was struggling to get Caroline her breakfast while Duncan cried for his. Can't get more real than that! The account (run by three friends one who is Carson Daly's wife, Siri) celebrates the real moments of motherhood - not the picture perfect snapshots that get posted on social media.

Hope you have a great day!

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