Sunday, June 12, 2016

Savoring Summer

Early summer is just glorious. And the weather may just be my favorite. It's hot but not too hot. In the mornings you can tell the close proximity we are to the mountains because there's enough crispness and coolness to the air to need a light jacket to sit outside. Caroline and I have gotten into the habit of having her first bottle and my second (or third!) cup of coffee on the porch. It's such a peaceful way to start the day. We cuddle in the big chair and talk about the birds we see and the neighbors walking their dogs. It's also about the only time she'll sit still these days!

One historical figure I've always found fascinating is Susanna Wesley (her sons John and Charles founded the Methodist church). She had 10 children who survived infancy and spent one hour one-on-one with each of them every week. I cannot imagine! It's challenging to carve out purposeful time with each of mine every day and that's with the modern advantages she didn't have in the 1700s in England! For now that means feeding Duncan and putting him back down for a nap before Caroline gets up. He'll usually sleep until she goes down for her morning nap.

And then once we're all awake and full, it's a-walking we will go!

Scout is so happy to be included again!

And Caroline thinks its such fun to take him!

I've so enjoyed not having to cook supper for us. The sweet girls in my Bible study are taking such good care of us! One friend even offered to go with me to run errands this week. Life saver!

My little helper unloading the groceries.

And some other random pictures from the past week...

I love so many elements in this picture: Ryan in his rain coat (we were all dressed up to go out Monday night); Caroline STANDING in the baby bathtub and that she's grabbed a hold of the water spout. We've since abandoned the baby bathtub for a laundry basket in the tub.

My friend, Shoe, and her little boy, Oliver, came over for a play date earlier in the week. We had fun snapping pictures with her Polaroid camera. It's now on my wish list --- I had no idea you could still buy these!

Another day we popped in to meet baby Polk! He and Duncan are two weeks apart -- and were due one week apart!

My mom calls these eyes "Visa Eyes" as in what dad's eyes do when he sees the Visa bill!

And we love when Mississippi people move to Greenville. Welcome Julie!

Inside the elevator going to the bookstore downtown. We made it to story time just as it was ending!

Saturday Ryan had a 28-hour call day. To help pass the time, I took the babies downtown to the market. Sometimes Facetime with Daddy just isn't enough. So we went for a real face-to-face quick visit on Saturday afternoon. 

I sent these pics to my little brother and told him Duncan was having his first lesson in having a big sister - she's already taking his stuff. Thomas said he could send him some pointers. 

Swing time with little man - Ryan has told me I have to buy this child some blue pacifiers. That he doesn't want every baby photo to have a purple and pink paci in it!

Net comes this afternoon for a visit and I am so, so excited! 

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