Sunday, June 5, 2016

Quanta tenerezza!

Duncan is four weeks old today! It simultaneously feels like yesterday and long time ago that he joined our family. Life with these two precious babes is just wonderful. And exhausting. And I've never been happier to be so tired! This past week was my first week solo. There were a few moments where both were crying at once, and I felt torn about who to comfort first. It's usually a case of the squeakiest wheel gets the oil. But overall it has gone much better than I anticipated! Caroline's joy at seeing Duncan (and enjoyment of taking his pacifier) just warms my heart. So far I've seen her climb into the Moses basket (sans Duncan fortunately!) and pull up to the coffee table to reach his paci. Even though her's is in plain sight! Duncan seems to be as laid back as his sister. When he cries, Caroline looks over at him like, "what in the world is that?"

The nights have been challenging. But the days are oh so sweet! Staying home so much has given Caroline lots of floor time to practice crawling. She quickly decided that pulling up is way more fun. And she now pulls up on anything that stays half-way still. Including the bouncy seat!

I'm doing a mixture of nursing and pumping/bottles for Duncan depending on what's going on. He doesn't seem to have a problem switching between the two options. Figuring out how to feed both at once was a major step. I posted this picture on Facebook earlier this week and a family friend in Italy commented, "Quanta tenerezza" which translates to, "How much cuteness." I couldn't agree more.

The weather has been nice and Monday morning we made it out for a walk. And were happily surprised when Ryan got off earlier than expected. We met Julia and Eric at the park for tennis. Julia and I played and then took Caroline to the swings. After the guys finished their match we played a quick doubles round. It was my first time to really play since the morning Caroline was born. We were on the courts when we got the come-right-now phone call!

Since Eric is the best tennis player of the four of us, we parked the stroller on his side. We decided it gave him an extra challenge! 

Ready for her turn!

Duncan is happy to report that we now own a blue boppy cover. He's decided he'll just deal with the purple and pink pacifiers. 

Last weekend, Duncan started this weird guppy sounding breathing. We weren't sure what it was, and I sent our pediatrician a video on Sunday morning (he may regret giving me his cell number!) after the nurse on-call suggested we go to the ER. We really felt like the ER wasn't necessary since he seemed normal in every other way. The pediatrician agreed and so when Duncan was still doing it on Tuesday, I took him to the office. It took me one hour and twenty minutes to get us out the door. And we were still nearly twenty minutes late. He sent us for a chest x-ray just to make sure there wasn't fluid on his lungs. Thankfully, all looked good and this has been attributed to tracheomalacia. Basically that his windpipe isn't fully developed and will firm up on its own in the next 12 to 18 months. Until then we have a very noisy breather.

Mama's little superhero! Handing him over to radiologist for the x-ray was one of the hardest things I've ever done. I stayed in the hallway outside with Caroline and could hear him crying! On the plus side, I never worry about whether he's still breathing! (As opposed to Caroline who will probably one day ask a therapist why she dreams of a heavy hand pressing on her chest all the time! I may have trained her to sleep through the night at 12 weeks, but I still can't seem to make it through a night without checking at least once or twice!).

On Wednesday we met some friends to walk and got out the door much quicker! And after nap had some splash pad fun with a little mat I found at Dollar General... $5 bucks I've ever spent!

I'm thankful my children enjoy being outdoors as much as I do. Late afternoon fussiness finds us in the hammock or out on the porch.

Grocery shopping is something I haven't attempted yet with these two in tow. Rather than give it a try, we walked to the neighborhood Rite Aid that has a mini-grocery store inside. It was much less stressful than loading the car.

Thursday evening Ryan stayed home with Duncan and Caroline and I went over to Jennie and Craig's house for a cookout. Her sister and her family were visiting from Chicago and were testing the smoker they bought in Georgia. Jennie's nephew, Colby, was trying to get Caroline's attention at one point and he tapped on her the shoulder and said, "ma'm, ma'm." We all busted out laughing!

And Caroline decided to stand up without holding unto ANYTHING while we were there! I was shocked! I think she was too because she hasn't attempted it since!

And it was also Maggie's birthday!

Duncan has slept in the nursery a handful of times. I just can't figure out how to let him try sleeping in there without waking Caroline up. Even if I sprint in there as soon as I hear him stirring, he is usually at full throttle and Caroline is sitting up wide awake by the time I make it across the hall. She goes back to sleep, but it takes a bit of time. I have a Misfit watch (the offbrand Fitbit) and it tracks your sleep. I've decided it's not really helpful to know that I only slept 4 hours and 29 minutes (and that was on the high end for the week!).

Look at that bouncing baby -- she's moving all the time these days.

Still tickled pink with her baby brother.

Cheers to week 2!

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