Tuesday, June 28, 2016

My Big Backyard

I love my backyard. It's my happy place and my creative outlet to putter around in during nap time. When a change of scenery is needed (which happens nearly every afternoon around 4:30!) it's our go-to place. Most women nest by feeling an innate need to wash baby clothes and straighten closets. My nesting consisted of building an herb garden and hoarding egg shells for my tomatoes!

One day a couple of weeks ago I was reading in the hammock and heard a "whooosh" right above me. Looking down on me was this huge owl! It left me feeling both in awe of him and frightened of him. He seemed to be watching me a little too closely. I was glad Duncan and Caroline were safely inside as I'm pretty sure owls ate my goldfish last summer.

I think its the dark eyes sockets that make owls so creepy! And then one morning this past week he was back! I was waiting for the coffee to finish and saw something land on the pine tree directly across from the kitchen sink. 

I raced outside to get a good picture. And when I imitating a "whoo whoo" he looked right at me! 

I'm pretty sure it was the same owl. But I guess they probably all look alike!

In other animal news, Scout is ready for these babies to start really playing with him.

This picture cracks me up. I was working in the garden and turned around to find that Scout had gently placed his nasty squeaky ball on top of Duncan. And was waiting for him to throw it. We always knew Scout would be a fun dog for our kids!

Some new things are blooming:

The hostas are blooming. 

And the sunflowers continue to impress.

The three althea bushes along the back fence are blooming - two are purple and one is white.

But most impressive of all is my lime tree...look closely, there's a tiny lime just getting started! 

Happy gardening (or really by this time of the year it's more like happy watering)!

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