Thursday, June 2, 2016

MDW: Cousin Time, Cookin' Out & Scottish Fest

Ryan's brother, Jason, and his family came to meet Duncan last week and spent Memorial Day weekend with us. We had a blast!

They got in late Wednesday night and made it to our house Thursday morning. Caroline was excited to wake up from her nap to find her cousins!

Eli,15, and Harper, 10. Eli has his driving permit - he was six months old when Ryan and I started dating!

We had a late lunch on the patio of my favorite lunch spot, Passerella's Bistro, overlooking Falls Park. If you visit me in Greenville there's a 99% chance I'll insist we eat here. But only if the weather is nice and there's a spot on the patio!

I headed home with the babies for naptime and everyone else headed to the indoor trampoline park. Ryan needed ibuprofen all the next day.  

That night we grilled ribs and hung out at the house. 

They do exist! Pepe and Scout have been MIA in pictures lately, but they are happy and healthy (and have become our outdoor dogs than indoor dogs)!

Friday morning I arranged for Harper to have a lesson at the barn in TR. She did great!

Caroline with McLovin' - I love that she has no fear of horses!

This two week old foal was recently orphaned. His name is Rooster. 

Friday evening we headed downtown...

Silas loved mining at the mineral store - all the "gems" come from Madagascar and Brazil. Silas, age 5, is so funny. Before they came his teacher sent Sarah this e-mail: 

Silasism for the day. “ We are going to South Carolina this summer to see my new cousin.  Guess what his name is.  Well I’ll tell you, it’s Duncan.  You wanta know what his middle name is?  It’s donut!”  At which he falls out laugh at his own joke and so did I. 

The first Dunkin Donut joke! Many more to come I'm sure!

Also going on was the Scottish parade. We ate on the patio at Sassafras and the kiddos and I headed over to watch the parade. 

Her sign says Hyacinth Bucket and on the opposite side said "It's Boo-kay" - it was easy to tell who in the crowd watched Keeping up Appearances! 

Ryan and Jason's favorite storybook growing up was Puddle Duck. When Caroline was born Ryan tried and tried to find a copy online, but as it's been out of print since the '70s, the only copies he could find were ridiculously expensive. Jason and Sarah found one and gave it to us. This is our first reading! 

Saturday morning we went to breakfast at Stax. Afterwards Ryan, Jason and Eli went to the shooting range. That afternoon we all went to Furman for Scottish Fest. It was so fun!

Harper was such a big help to me! She was always willing and wanting to hold or play with Duncan and Caroline!

Scottish food (Scotch egg and chips) and Barr's cream soda. Let's just say there's a reason Coco-Cola products are so popular. We found a shady spot and had a picnic. It was great people watching - next year I'm going to have to have kilts for Duncan and Ryan and fairy costumes for me and Caroline! 

The border collie demonstration was our favorite - the dogs herded sheep and then ducks. The owner said that a good dog took the place of three or four men on the farm. I'm no longer so impressed that my dogs can sit on command!

Harper made us a strawberry pie!

We had such a great visit and can't wait to repeat it again soon!

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