Thursday, June 16, 2016

Fun with Net

Net is here! And we are having the best time!

Duncan and I picked her up at the airport on Sunday afternoon. After one look in the car, she declared the trip was already worth it and she could go home! 

Caroline was excited to see Net! The other night at supper we were talking about life stages and she commented that seeing your children becoming parents is one of the best but that to watch your grandchildren become parents is momentous. 

The name Duncan comes from Net's father, Warren Duncan Buford. I have a distinct memory of sitting on the sofa in her living room in junior high or high school visiting with Net and Granddaddy and something came up about her father and thinking how much I loved the name Duncan. Apparently the Duncan in his name was for a good family friend. Like his great-great-granddaddy (and daddy), I expect my Duncan will love the outdoors, hunting and horses!

We've had such a wonderful week together loving on these two babies. I'm not sure I'm going to be able to let her leave! 

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