Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Daddy Date

Sunday afternoon Ryan took Caroline to the Drive game for their first Daddy Date. They both had a blast! Ryan says Caroline seemed to be interested in the game and never got fussy. They stayed almost the entire game!

Total love right here! Ryan was so excited about their special time together and Caroline knew something fun was about to happen. My dad did one-on-one things with me and my siblings growing up and those trips ice skating at the Mall of Memphis and shopping at JC Penny's in Oxford before a football game are some of my favorite memories! 

When they got home Ryan handed me the tickets to save for Caroline's baby book. Obviously, I've trained him well!

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Signy said...

This warms my heart! I don't think your dad started dates til you were at least 6 years old!! And to think Ryan had just come off of a 28 hour shift! Kudos to Ryan!!