Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Burgers & Books Baby Shower

Last Saturday we helped host a baby shower for some good friends who are expecting a baby boy in September. Remember the red cabbage test back in March? That feels like a million years ago now! Well it turns out the test was 50% right.  Correct for us but wrong for Kati & Wil. We celebrated Baby W on Saturday night with our fellow residents and their families...

I used Canva to design the invitations and had a local shop print them. 

Maggie and Richard hosted us, and Maggie (and Pinterest!) gets full credit for thinking up the 'burgers & books' theme. I just followed directions!

Peter Rabbit Bacon & Tomato Cups and Jack and the Beanstalk Mississippi Caviar. I'm always trying to introduce Mississippi things to these friends from all over!  One of our friends told me the other day that every time he hears Ryan or I say "Senatobia" he thinks we're making up a word :-)

Goodnight Moon Sugar Cookies made with my friend Becca's icing. If you're in the Memphis area, she makes the cutest themed cookies for special occasions!

This book was new to me, Potato Chip Champ. 

And fresh fruit with The Very Hungry Caterpillar. 

Sunflowers and hydrangeas from my backyard.  

And the most popular item of the night was Julia Reed's McGee Memorial Sangria. When she was promoting the release of this book a few years ago, I went to a Junior League luncheon where she spoke and the sangria was served (see that post here). I had a very nice 'party glow' all afternoon. The sangria calls for red wine, vodka, rum, brandy and Grand Marnier. It will give you more than a glow. I modified the recipe a bit since we didn't have brandy or Grand Marnier and we didn't miss it. I've read since that apple juice is a good substitute for brandy in recipes. I just added a little more orange and pineapple juice. We put a "beware" sign in front of it!

Resident picture! I love being around Ryan's work buddies -- they all spend so much time together at the hospital and we all hardly ever do anything big outside of Christmas and Welcome parties. Ryan tells me their day-to-day contact is nothing like Grey's Anatomy! 

Maggie, Kati's mom and a friend from college and mama-to-be, Kati. 

These two babies enjoyed the party. It's the first social event where Caroline hasn't been happy to go to anybody. She's in the mama-only stage and I must say I kinda love it! She went to bed not long after the party started, but Lillie stayed up for the whole thing!

Duncan enjoyed his first party. 

I'm not entirely sure what story Ryan is telling here, but they were all enjoying it.

So excited for these parents-(and grandparents) to-be!

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