Friday, June 3, 2016

A Peak in the Garden

During Caroline's morning nap, Duncan and I head out to the yard and garden. So much is happening right now, and there seems to be a new flowering something nearly every day. Here are some random pictures from the last week or so...

This is my first attempt at growing sunflowers and I'm beyond pleased! The seeds all over this one are from the bird feeder hanging nearby.

The hostas are blooming too (bottom right of picture). 

Looks like we'll have another good crop of grapes this year!

First tomato flowers...counting down until that first homegrown tomato sandwich! There also blooms on the pepper, zucchini and squash plants. 

Newest edition - butterfly bush (Buddleja davidii) planted by the steps of the side porch. 

Daylilies - so simple but so pretty. 

My garden buddies!

Hydrangeas still putting on a show. 

Lilies coming up in the front bed. 

And for the new window boxes...

Sticking with a red and white theme for the backyard and a purple and white them for the side and front. 

For the kitchen window white vinca, red salvia and red geranium (not blooming at the moment but in the center!). 

White vinca and Mexican heather on the side.

The front window boxes get a good bit of shade so I decide just to stick to impatiens this year. I was growing some ground cover to use as a spiller, but Ryan got a little overzealous with the weed eater and cut it all!

Happy Gardening! 

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