Monday, May 23, 2016

Weekend Recap: Coffee and Babies, Picture Perfect and Opa!

Mom left on the train at 5 a.m. on Friday. I was sad to see her go, but so thankful for our time together!

I imagine Mom is going to sleep for the next week! We had such a wonderful two weeks. Ryan worked nights the last week she was here so it felt a little like a slumber party all week. We'd wake up at 3 a.m. to feed Duncan and talk and then go back to sleep. (I've since discovered that Ryan has no interest in middle of the night nursing and talking bonding). Like I mentioned in the last post, Caroline's verbal skills went from a grunting, gutteral sound to actual babbling with "gaggaaa" and "baabaaba." All thanks to hearing the two of us talk non-stop!

Pace came over Friday morning before work for coffee and to meet Duncan. I love breakfast dates!

College friends are so special. I'd never have imagined our freshman year in Martin/Stockard that 14 years later we'd both be living in the same neighborhood in South Carolina. And yet we were able to pick up where we left off after 10 years of not seeing each other except at the random wedding!

Ryan got home mid-morning and has the next week off. He only got two days when Caroline was born and so we're so thankful for this family time! And are soaking it in with lots of afternoon snuggles...

and walks...

and play time. What's more fun that a box? Surely not that pile of toys...

Saturday morning we loaded up and went to Duncan, SC (it was meant to be, right?) for some family photos. I cannot wait to see them. 

Our "sneak peak" on Facebook:

Saturday evening we had some friends over to watch the Preakness. I made mint juleps and we ordered a pizza. It's hard to believe that two weeks ago when we watched the Kentucky Derby that I had no clue Duncan would start his entrance into the world that night! 

I love how Caroline is really trying to jump into the story telling here. 

Once again I lost $5 to Ryan. I was pulling for Nyquist and he went with Exaggerator. I've got to quit losing money to him! For the Derby, I'd picked Exaggerator and Ryan had chosen Nyquist. 

Saturday night went much better sleep wise than Friday night. We divided the night and Ryan took the first shift and just brought Duncan to me to nurse and then at 2 a.m. I took over. So we both got a good chunk of sleep. Sunday was Duncan's two week birthday and we had several firsts...

His first trip to the park. Caroline was anxious to show him how much fun he'll have in a couple of months. This girl loves the swing!

And the slide!

Duncan had his first bottle...

And I've promised him that we'll get a blue boppy cover. I've also discovered that we only have pink socks and hats. So that's on the Target list too!

He wasn't very into watching the French Open!

After nap time we went downtown to the Greek Fest at St. George's. It was so fun!

There was a little something for everyone...

We tried to the Loukoumades (Greek doughnuts) and they were very tasty! 

I tried out the Greek wine tasting - glad I can partake in this kind of thing again! My two favorites were "Ariousia Chora" from Chois Island and "Athena" from Evia Island - both were dry white wines.

We watched Greek dancing and heard lots of "Opa!" in the crowds. 

But the biggest hit, by far, was the clown making balloon animals. Caroline was so tickled with her duck. And, so far, has managed not to pop it with her one sharp tooth!

Afterwards, Ryan went to play tennis and I did my first solo supper/bath/bed routine with two!

Getting the hang of this two babies thing. Every time Duncan cries Caroline looks at him like, "What's that?"

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