Monday, May 2, 2016

Weekend Re-cap: RK3DE, Amy Schumer & Flower Festival

For someone who hasn't been "out" much since September, I'm doing a good job of making up for it these past few weekends! Just knowing I'm about to be in newborn hibernation mode has made me want to get out and do!

Caroline and I have enjoyed watching Rolex Kentucky Three-Day Event that happened over the weekend in Lexington. This is the complete opposite end of the horse world that I grew up obsessed with, but I started following professional eventing last year while writing for the Canadian Heels Down magazine. The international professional horse world is actually pretty small and fascinating to follow. Many of the riders at the rk3de will also be in the Olympics in Rio. Next year I'm hoping to get to go in person!

We thought Ryan had the whole weekend off and discovered at the very last minute that he was scheduled to work nights starting on Saturday. That threw a wrench in our plans! Thankfully, we had scheduled our big night out for Friday. We hired our first babysitter (so glad to have founded the sweetest college student!) and had a fabulous date night.

Ryan agreed to exactly one selfie. We started off at our neighborhood bar, Community Tap. Our street basically dead-ends into the parking lot. Besides local beer, it also offers the best people watching in town. There are all types - man buns, preppy college students, retirees and lots of young families with kids. Every other person has their dog with them. And you know a bar is truly family-friendly when the bathroom offers a wooden changing table and a case of wipes!

There are different food trucks every night and Friday was one of my favorites, Automatic Taco. We had Korean pork belly tacos, a chorizo flatbread pizza with grilled corn and poblano peppers and a crispy Brussels sprout salad that I'm going to try and recreate ASAP!

Then it was off to the Well for Amy Schumer. 

She was funny. A little on the raunchy side, but that was expected! 

Saturday morning we made waffles and then I enjoyed a quick solo shopping trip to Target (with a stop at Starbucks beforehand!). We spent the day piddling around the house and yard and watching more Rolex coverage. Then it was time to relax on the porch. 

Caroline loves watching the rain on the porch as much as her parents and puppy dogs. 

My bump provides the perfect perch these days. 

On Sunday I took Caroline to the Piedmont Flower Festival while Ryan caught some shut eye. I bought a peony because I've enjoyed the one we have so very much!

There were some giant koi fish on display. 

A flower festival was the perfect way to usher in May and celebrate May Day! I can't believe Baby Two will be here this month! 

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