Tuesday, May 17, 2016

The Early Days

Duncan was born last Sunday and the following day we were so proud to show him off to our family and friends. When we were in the hospital with Caroline we weren't allowed to have any visitors (which I totally understand) so it was extra fun having people drop by and since most of our friends work at the hospital it was convenient for everyone. Also forced me to put on cute pjs and make-up. I was so happy to see Sis walk in my room Monday morning! I'm so glad she was able to sneak away from her crew for a day and night. She was a big help with nursing.

Above: Sis, Jordan, Eric with Ryan and Craig and Jennie. Ryan and Eric are tennis buddies and both agreed Eric will have to teach Duncan in a few years! I'm missing a few people who are on Ryan's phone but will add them later!

Look at how proud Ryan is here - Duncan passed his first (hearing) test with flying colors! His first A+!!! Ryan never made below an A in a class until Ole Miss and I talked him into taking a political science class together. After the first week he quit sitting next to me because he said I talked too much. But I ended up with an A and he got his first B! I love reminding him of this. 

Our room with a view. That's Paris Mountain peaking up in the background. As much as we loved our suite, we were ready to get home to our baby girl. Typically the hospital requires you to stay three nights following a c-section, but my determination in getting up and walking around convinced them that I really wasn't going to be talked into staying a third night very easily! On Tuesday we were discharged from the hospital but stayed the day to get as much one-on-one help from lactation as possible. My goal was to have nursing down before we got home. I wanted Duncan and me to learn the correct way and not have to unlearn bad habits later on. Mission accomplished and we got home in time to put Caroline to bed! Mom, Dad and Caroline were waiting on the porch when we drove up. 

I love that my Dad captured this moment!

And this one!

We slept great Tuesday night. Ryan had to wake me up to feed Duncan. The advantage of not being able to lean down to the Moses basket is that Duncan slept on his side of the bed!

Wednesday we started our new life as a family of four! My dad left that morning - he said he'd ceased to be an asset and was becoming a liability. I don't know about that! Mom is staying through this week. 

I told Mom she was Mrs. Hughes, Mrs. Patmore and Daisy all rolled up into one. She's probably going to crash and sleep for a week when she gets home. Every time I turn around she's offering be ice water and a cup of fresh fruit. Yesterday I asked for a bowl of cheeze-its and was brought a bowl of strawberries. Memories of my childhood! Ryan was looking for his pajama pants and couldn't believe they were clean, folded and back in his drawer after just one wearing. 

Ryan's parents stayed until Friday and were a huge help keeping Caroline entertained and Dennis tackled Ryan's to-do list that he's had since March. Poor Caroline woke up from morning nap on Wednesday with a cold! This was the only picture I snapped of the two babies together before she got sick. We've been keeping them apart since then, and it's really missing up my picture taking plans! I think she's turned the corner though and is healing!

Ryan and I took Duncan for his follow-up pediatrician appointment and he was up one ounce since his discharge weight. The doctor was impressed and said he'd see us in two weeks! 


Three Dennises - Dennis Carl, Dennis Ryan and Duncan Dennis - aren't they all good looking fellas???

Mom and I took Caroline and Duncan on their first double stroller walk! The stroller is a City Mini GT with a pram insert for Duncan's side. I so wish I'd had this for Caroline. I always felt like if she'd spent time in the car seat running errands that I didn't want to leave her it in any longer to go for a walk. 

If you've followed this blog for awhile you may remember when we had a rat problem at our house in Jackson (or I may not have put that on the blog - can't remember - I swear we are not messy people who attract large rodents). Long story short Scout learned the term "go get the rat" and can track down and kill just about any thing. He is part Catahoula Leopard and those dogs are breed to hunt boars in Louisiana swamps. While we were in the hospital Ryan's dad noticed that there was a family of possums living in the workshop. When we got home Ryan took Scout to the workshop and that crazy dog promptly killed two babies. This made me cry and they didn't tell me the rest of the story until it was all over. Later that day Ryan noticed there was a baby possum curled up all snug in my fairy garden! Scout killed it and I asked Ryan why didn't he take a picture first!!! Three down. Then the next day or so my mom went out on the porch to take out the trash and Dennis quickly took it from her and suggested she go back in. She questioned what he was doing (along with Ryan and our neighbor Don) and he replied possum hunting. Scout got the rest of the family (the adults were the same size as him!) except for one adult who they all thought was dead but was really just playing possum. He scattered off when they quit looking! 

Back to my cute babies...we've had lots of fun facetiming aunts, uncles, cousins and great-grandparents. Here's Duncan with Aunt Laura and Uncle Thomas. These two are expecting a baby girl this fall and we are all so, so excited!!!

And his first bath at home!

Friday was Ryan's last day off for the week and we wanted to take Caroline to do something special. We planned on going back to the zoo but when we pulled up there were about 15 school buses in the parking lot so Plan B was Falls Park. 

All ready!

We forgot bread so Ryan used Caroline's teething crackers. If he had any idea how much those organic kale crackers cost at Whole Foods he would not have been so generous with the water fowl!

This park is so pretty it almost doesn't even look real! 

Friday night our friends Amanda and Brandon came over to meet Duncan. She is expecting their first child any day now --- a little boy to be named Polk. We sat outside and visited. Caroline projectiled up her bottle and Brandon was a little shocked - he'd never seen that before! She was okay - just all stopped up with her cold. We sat out on our back patio and had a wonderful visit (after Scout licked up the remenants of the bottle from the ground...dog of many talents).  

On Saturday Ryan started back to work and Mom and I took it easy. Caroline took an extra long morning nap and Duncan and I had a great visit with Richard who brought over some supplies from Maggie. Including this great Nesting Days wrap. 

And we're spending lots of time outside alternating from the side porch to the back patio and swing. 

We've been calling Duncan "little man" since day 1. He just looks like a little man. So his official song is Sonny and Cher's "Little Man." (It's also the song on that cute Amazon commercial with the miniature pony that the other horses are scared of and so his owner orders a large doggie door so he can come inside). Caroline's song is "Sweet Caroline"...I know we are the only people with a Caroline who've ever thought of that one!

Enjoying each moment and soaking up this special time with sweet babies! 

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