Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Quilted Love

When my sister and I were born Mama Jean made us each a small quilt, and Mom has continued this tradition with her grandchildren. Here's Caroline with her quilt when she was about three weeks old - the same age as Duncan now! How is it that this little baby is now crawling and following me around the house? 

Caroline loves her quilt and reaches for it at every nap time. When Ryan and I announced we were starting the adoption process, Mom got right to work on this quilt. She had no idea that the process would go so quickly, but was able to finish it by the time Caroline was born!

For the second born (and third) grandchildren in each family, Mom has had small quilts made from a quilt that great-grandmother and grandmother began. Duncan's log cabin quilt was begun by his great-great-great-grandmother, Phoebe Jane Valentine. Mommy Fincher, my great-grandmother, worked on it, but never finished the quilting process, and Mama Jean saved it and gave it to Mom years ago. Mary Thorne and Poppy have matching ones. 

The pattern on his quilt is called log cabin and is the quintessential American quilt design. It's full of full of symbolism - the red square in the center of each block shows the fireplace as the heart of the home. The darker material around it stands for the dark and hard times in family life and the lighter material for the fun and easy side. Such treasures for me and them!

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