Monday, May 30, 2016

Paternity Leave

I'd envisioned Ryan's week of paternity leave to be all lazy mornings and snuggles with our babies on the sofa. Somehow we seemed to run around most of the week! And our plan to not take Duncan anywhere and expose his little immune system to the big bad world went completely out the door by Monday morning...

After getting them both feed, dressed and a morning nap for Caroline, we realized we had one and half hours to run our errands before the next round of feeding/napping needed to begin! So we edited our list down to the two essentials - BuyBuyBaby (Ryan calls it BuyBuyMoney) and Target.

Caroline showed Duncan the ropes of riding in the buggy at Target. She remains the happiest baby I've ever known. Her enjoyment of life is infectious, and I think even the Grinch would melt at her smile!

Having a car seat in the cart and Caroline sitting up front may be the perfect budgeting tool - there's no room for any merchandise! 

After a morning of shopping, Caroline and I relaxed in the hammock and watched Ryan work in the yard. 

Two babies are so fun!

Our Bouncing Babies class has been on hiatus for the month of May, but the library held a play date last week. Caroline showed off her crawling skills. She sat in my lap for the first song and then was off and explored every toy, baby and corner of the room! It was fun to see our friends and tell them about Duncan - he'll get to go with us soon!

Caroline is getting faster and faster every day with her crawling. And she's also really trying to just walk. She'll do the perfect down dog and then take a few steps. She's also into pulling up on anything and everything. We've baby-proofed and I've started vacuuming every morning - anything she comes across goes right in her mouth! It makes me a nervous wreck! How in the world do so many pennies and paperclips end up on our floors?

We did some yard work and I finally got my new window boxes painted and planted. Now just have to keep them watered!

And visited with friends. Lillie is half-way between Caroline and Duncan. Isn't she just the cutest?

And lots of suppers on the porch. 

Ryan built a movable backboard for our workshop door. We're looking forward to lots of tennis this summer! 

Ta-da!!! We had a great long weekend with Ryan's brother and his family. I'll blog about that soon, Today I'm on my own for the first time, and Ryan has started a new rotation that's going to keep him very busy for the next four weeks. So far, so good - we've all had breakfast so that's a start!

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