Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Life Lately...

I know it's silly because Caroline will never remember this time as an only child, but I've wanted to carve out some special family-of-three time and one-on-one memories with Caroline as we near the time for Baby Two to join us. She'll never remember life without a brother or sister and this is something that I'm thrilled about. Being a twin, I think, is the greatest thing and I'm so glad Caroline and Baby Two will never know life without each other.

Ryan started a new peds rotation this week and at first I was dreading it because it meant a week of nights. And I was so concerned about going into labor with him not at home (because you only hear horror stories of babies being born in bath tubs at 2 a.m., right?) But we have a plan in place that I feel really good about - thanks to amazing friends who have sworn to sleep with their phones on the loudest setting! The upside of this schedule is that he's had some time during the day to play and that's been so fun. We've discovered that creating meaningful time during residency is possible - it just requires being a little creative! A "day date" on a Tuesday is never going to feel quite the same as a Saturday off together, but it has it's own advantages too!

One morning after breakfast we did a little painting! After we finished our Mother's Day project for grandmothers and great-grandmothers (be watching your mailboxes!), I gave Caroline a piece of paper and she finger painted away. And really seemed to enjoy it!

The masterpiece:

Worth more to me than any Monet:-)

We also had another "first" at the park down the street - the slide! Caroline and I were there with some friends a few weeks ago and C couldn't get enough of watching one of the little girls go down the slide. So we decided to give it a try! Also, I need a tan!

And a rainy day calls for a swim in the indoor pool. Ryan was able to met us at the Life Center when he got off work. He handles being up all night better than anyone I know. Those years working nights for CVS pharmacy paid off - he can "switch" from days to nights with ease.

This little fish. I think we're going to have to sign up for real swim lessons. She loves dunking her head in the water. She does this even in the bath tub and it makes me a nervous wreck. She's also started to attempt to climb out of her baby bathtub to investigate the drain or anything else that catches her attention. She's a curious little thing!

On a cooking note, I finally broke down and bought a new Crockpot and have now seriously questioned how I lived two years without one. (My slow cooker was the only thing lost in our move. For awhile I thought it was in the attic but after searching three separate times it is no es aqui). There is no better feeling than knowing (and smelling) supper cooking away all afternoon. This week I made this great Brown Sugar Pork Tenderloin and last week these Balsamic Roast Beef French Dip Sandwiches. Both were a hit and going into my permanent rotation!

And this is a bit unrelated, but I wanted to share this article that a friend (and fellow adoptive mama!) posted on Facebook. It does a much better job of saying what I attempted to convey here last week. And while my infertility journey is close to ending (Lord willing!) with a "miracle baby," I feel like our story is so much more. And those hard years of loss will always be a part of me, but now I can look at them with a whole new perspective. And hopefully encourage others.

I love where she writes: "The end all be all miracle of infertility isn't a biological child. When we cling to that as the only hope and the only answer or miraculous outcome, we've sold our story short and put God in a box." Both of our precious babies are "miracle" babies (really aren't all babies???). They are both here/almost here only through the grace of God and I wouldn't have our outcome any other way!

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