Friday, May 6, 2016

Laughter is the Best Medicine

Well according to the doctor Baby Two is staying put for now! I was crossing my fingers for a Cinco de Mayo birthday, but it looks like we have a little more waiting to do. Apparently, having Ryan put our hospital bags in the car before my appointment yesterday afternoon was unnecessary! My brother told me we jinxed ourselves. 

I'm looking forward to Ryan's weekend off (and we've double checked, he's actually really off for two days!) and we have a couple of fun things penciled in with Caroline. Downtown Greenville really comes alive this time of year, and we are planning on taking full advantage while we can. The Saturday morning Farmers Market opens and I'm hoping we can take Caroline to the Duck Derby at Falls Park on Saturday afternoon! She loves her rubber duck in the bath tub so I can't wait to see her reaction to thousands of them going down the river! And then, of course, the real Derby is late Saturday afternoon. No big party is planned this year, but I do hope to make the same Hot Brown Sandwiches

And no down time is complete without a little binge watching. Our new favorite show is the British comedy Miranda. It's on Hulu and we've just started Season 2. If you haven't seen it, and enjoy the British ability to merge slapstick comedy with social satire, I highly recommend it!

Comedian Miranda Hart is the writer and stars as the socially awkward joke shop owner. Her mother is obsessed with finding her a husband, her boarding school friends call her Queen Kong, and there's a love story with a chef down the street. And we love some of the catch phrases such as "bear with, bear with" whenever a text message comes in! 

Our other favorite oldie but goodie British comedies are Keeping up Appearances and Fawlty Towers. Both are great summer shows when there's nothing new on.

And this little baby girl is keeping us on toes and providing lots of laughs these days! This is our newest trick, playing in the crib! It's a great way to delay nap time. I walked in this morning to find her like this - happy as could be. 

And finding new things around the house...has this doorstop always been there? (She jumped at the sound it made when she hit it and then decided to try and find something else to play with). 

And being attracted to the most dangerous things like this old end of a metal pipe sticking up by the fireplace...we have some baby proofing to do!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! Happy Friday, friends! 

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