Saturday, May 21, 2016

It's great to be EIGHT months

Each and every day with Caroline continues to just be more and more fun. Here are eight great things about being EIGHT months old:

1. Crawling!!! Caroline is on the move these days! She's been on the verge for awhile now, but suddenly this baby girl can move! She'll set her eyes on something like the door stopper or diaper bag and then just take off. Sometimes she keeps one leg out like a kickstand. She'll also get a bouncing start by jumping up and down (while seated) and squealing with excitement!

Mid-bounce, kickstand ready! 

And she's off. I call this "playing Scout" where I toss the ball and she goes after it!

So proud of herself - as she should be - this is a big deal! Also notice how much that one tooth is sticking out! I'm pretty sure she's working on a second. 

2. Starting to want to pull up and stand. 

I hope walking is a longs ways off - Mama is not ready for that milestone!

3. Into everything - no diaper bag is safe!

In other news, toys are vastly overrated. She'd much prefer to play with a cup or a shoe than the basket of toys in the living room!

4. Upgraded from only child to big sis

This picture just melts my heart. She'd crawled into the kitchen from the living room. Mom and I were watching and thought she'd just cruise right by Duncan. When she got to the end of the Moses basket, she paused and peaked in. Then turned around and gave us the biggest grin!

5. Caroline is babbling all the time and imitating sounds. I think hearing Mom and I talk non-stop for the past two weeks has made Caroline anxious to jump in! In the morning when I go in her room she says "hheeyyyy" all drawn out in and in perfect imitation of me!

She'll even talk to the cute playdate in the mirror.

And, of course, to her Pepe.

6. Caroline also discovered the wonderful world of grandparents the last couple of weeks. She has all four grandparents all wrapped up. She loved on everyone and was totally spoiled with attention!

Siggi just left yesterday morning, and we had the best time together. We toasted Caroline's eight months of life with a girls' outing downtown and then happy hour at Roost. Caroline couldn't partake in that, but she thinks her new snack cup from Siggi is the bee's knees. 

Learning all about business from Granddaddy. I love so much about this picture -- the way she's studying Dad's face, him rubbing her foot and that she's playing with my Prince George coaster (thanks again Emily!!!). 

She thinks D is pretty neat! And he and Daddy even dress alike!

Fun with Nana. 

7. New on the food front is eating lunch! Within the last week Caroline has starting to have a small lunch around noon. She's still having a 6 oz bottle when she gets up at 7 a.m. followed by breakfast. Then a 4 oz bottle at 11 a.m. followed by lunch (usually a vegetable and cracker). Then a bottle after nap at 3 p.m. Supper around 5:45 p.m. and then a bedtime 4 or 6 oz bottle after bath. I've tried to pump enough so that her first bottle of the day is mainly breast milk. She's also gotten really good at holding the bottle! New foods for the month include fish, beets, plums, chicken, eggplant and zucchini.

8. Caroline is trying to figure out this talking thing. She's paying close attention to our mouths when we talk to her. If you say, "Where's Mama? Where's Daddy?" She'll look at the right person! We're working on "Where's Duncan?"

Happy EIGHT Months, Caroline!

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