Thursday, May 19, 2016

Flower Power Prediction & a Sweet Video

We had so much fun trying to guess whether Duncan would be a boy or a girl (remember the Red Cabbage Test back in March which turned out to be 50/50 - right for us and wrong for our friends Kati and Will. They found out a few weeks ago they are having a boy!). Well it didn't dawn on me until we got home that my two hydrangea plants had made their own prediction:

Pink and blue! Last year they were all blue. The color for a hydrangea plant is determined by the soil's pH. An acidic soil makes the blooms turn blue and alkaline soil the blooms will turn pink. My great-grandmother, Mammy, used to bury rusty nails in the soil around her hydrangeas to turn them blue. No clue what turned one of the plants pink!

Sweet Caroline is slowly realizing there's another little person in the house. She's had an awful cold this week and so we've kept them separated as much as possible. My mom has taught her to play "Where's Mama? Daddy? Duncan" and then look at us. It's beyond precious. This girl is also totally obsessed with her Siggi. The other day I was holding her in the kitchen and mom walked by. Caroline reached out and grabbed for her. She hasn't done that for anyone but Ryan and me!

I'm so excited to watch their friendship develop. When my siblings and I would argue growing up, our mom always said friends will come and go, but your siblings will be there for life. And it's so true!

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