Thursday, April 7, 2016

Playdate at the Barn

I've looked forward to taking Caroline to the barn to see what she thought of horses since day one! And yesterday was finally the day when the weather and our friends all aligned perfectly for a play date! We met up with Sabrina and her daughter, Sienna. The girls are only one day apart in age, and it was so fun to watch them interact. I met Sabrina right after she found out she was pregnant and never dreamed we'd have babies that close in age!

This is Howie and he was begging to be petted. Caroline started off a little hesitant but soon was ready to reach out and pet him! I kept telling her "He's big just like Pepe but bigger."

We started off in the barn watching the farrier but shoes on a horse. And then Sabrina saddled up and we moved to the arena. The weather was perfect for being outside - cool and sunny.

Watching these two babies interact was so fascinating. Sienna is crawling and standing up so she'd come over to Caroline, inspect the toy she had, and then decide to play with it. Caroline would just look at her like "how did you just do that" and after a few minutes would reach over and take the toy back. They did this passing thing several times with a set of plastic keys, a board book and, the favorite, an empty wipe bag that makes great crinkling noises.

And by the end of the morning, Caroline was reaching out to Howie all on her own!

Girl after my own heart right here. I cannot wait to buy this child a pony. Ryan claims he is fully prepared to come home from work one day and find a horse in the back yard. I hope he's not joking:-) I so enjoyed being back at the barn and realized how much I missed it! Hopefully, by the end of the summer I'll be able to start back riding. 

Every time we spend time with other babies I feel like Caroline comes home and takes a big developmental leap in some way. Yesterday afternoon, I looked over and she had gone from sitting with the boppy behind her for support, to laying down on her tummy and scouting around to reach for a toy (she's been doing this). But then all of a sudden she started to get up on her little knees!

I think we are going to have a crawler before too long!

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