Wednesday, April 13, 2016

One Man's Junk... another man's treasure, right?

A friend posted this on my Facebook wall last week and lets just say the shoe fits. Perfectly. The last time I was at her house, she watched me unload these cute children's chairs that I picked up from the side of the road to get to Caroline out of the car. It took some major arranging to get them, Caroline and the stroller to fit!

Before and after...

Nothing a little soap and water and a sampled sized tub of white paint won't fix! Perfect for the two little people in my life! Never mind on that last sentence. I posted the chairs for sale on a local Facebook group and sold them for $30. Who Hoo! I've also "dumpster dived" these great finds in recent weeks...

Ryan actually spotted this adorable bar cart. (He's come a long way from getting totally embarrassed when I made him carry home wooden shudders from a walk many years ago!). Ryan's going to make some new wheels and I'll give it a fresh coat of paint or maybe just weather-proof stain on top of how it is now - I love the rustic weather-worn look. 

A few weekends ago, I looked everywhere in town for a cushion for the new backyard swing. I couldn't find anything less than $60 and considering we just spent $90 building the thing I was not going to pay that much! These Pottery Barn cushions were put out by the curb at a house up the road. They'd obviously been used maybe one season! 


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