Saturday, April 9, 2016

Life Lately, According to My iPhone

This week was just plain fun. The weather has just been wonderful and the azaleas and dogwoods are showing off. It just makes you want to be outside. And we've done a lot of that! Along with a few other things...

This girl and I made it to church two Sundays in a row. Whohoo! Can you tell she loves the nursery?

We had to have a little photo shoot in front of the azaleas in the backyard before changing out of our Sunday clothes. Caroline's a good sport about a lot of things. 

Caroline is so happy just to go. She accompanied me on my Meals on Wheels round for Junior League on Monday. 

Tuesday at Bouncing Babies she actually starting playing with a little friend. They flipped this blue tub back and forth between them for ten minutes. I was not aware of the potential fun for a blue plastic tub, but obviously we need to get one!

And as mentioned in the previous post, we had a barn play date on Wednesday. 

Later that day at the grocery store, I realized she was rubbing my bump. How sweet!!! She is so enjoying sitting up in the cart. And she's a very popular customer at our local Bi-lo. All the cashiers know her name, and she gives them the biggest grins. 

I put this on Insta, but we had our first "girls lunch" on Thursday at the Bohemian with my friend Amanda. She is expecting a baby boy, Polk, and we are due just a week apart! We decided our next lunch would probably not be at a restaurant, but would definitely involve wine!

Lunch out was so fun on Thursday, we decided we had to do it again on Friday. Stephanie and Ollie came over and we strolled to the Soda Shop. 

Caroline (and I) LOVE our new stroller. I cannot believe I pushed her all over North Main in a snap-n-go for six months. And last, but not least, I'm now the very proud owner of a station wagon. I told Ryan having a "mom car" makes all this feel so real. He responded that he thought the two babies in one year part would have made it feel real enough. Touche! 

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