Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Photography has changed so much since I was in high school. I took pictures for the school paper on a regular 35 mm camera and by the time I was taking photos for the paper at Ole Miss I was using a fancy digital camera. At some point in college I had that camera that was in between film and digital where you just popped in the roll. I can't even remember what it was called (maybe Kodak Advantix???)! And of course now my iPhone is better than the point-and-shoot Nikon I bought on a trip to New York several years ago. There's even a term for iPhone photography: iPhoneography. I did not know until recently that this was a real word! Anyway, this post is dedicated to my new favorite word: photography + iPhone = iPhoneography.

A week or so ago the A Cup of Jo blog featured an article on the 9 Times to Take Photos of Your Children. As ya'll know, I take a lot of photos of Caroline (understandment of the century!). And am so glad I'm not limited to a roll of 24 photos on film. Our budget couldn't handle all those one-hour processing fees! So thank you Apple and Steve Jobs for all you did in making my cell phone a camera. And although I'd love a "real" camera one day, for now, the iPhone is just fine. The most popular tidbit of parenting advice I hear from the older members of our gym is to take as many photos and videos as possible, because they stay little for such a short amount of time. Challenge accepted:-)

In the tub

While they are sleeping

We must have four things for nap: Duckie, Ellie, blanket and Gloworm. Plus a passie!

This baby girl loves her loveys. And notice her sweet little socks!

She caught me!

Against a wall

Not exactly against a wall, but since she can't stand I thought our shadows in the library parking lot would do. Does anyone else think of Peter Pan every time they see their shadow? Also, notice that little wisp of hair on the back of Caroline's head. It refuses to lay down!

With mom


We don't really wear shoes yet so I thought I'd capture our feet instead. 

In the air

Favorite toys

This Fisher-Price toy was a favorite of Mary Thorne's and Poppy's. Caroline thinks it's pretty cool as well. 

This little wooden circle is a German Haba toy that I found at our local toy store. We got it for her half-birthday happy. She loves to pull the string and make the inner ball move and also chew on it. She doesn't look too thrilled in this picture - I think we were at the end of our afternoon!

"Skunk" is actually a cat and was a Christmas present from the Blackards. She loves this thing. Even though we don't really use the bumbo seat anymore she still loves to play with him. 

Blurry photo - ugh! She loves this little car from Ikea that Sis and EM gave her. It has two parts that pop on the top that can be rearranged. 

And the Johnny Jumper. What would we do without this? I love that I can put it up wherever I am in the house and she can hop away. 


From behind

I love the idea of taking these same series of photos every few months. From day-to-day it's hard for me to see how much Caroline has grown. But then when I go back a month or two and look at photos she seems to have changed so much. Like in this last picture, her sweet bald spot is just about gone! Being half way to one is such a sweet age and stage and I'm trying to soak it all in.

And I found this article on iPhone photo taking techniques enlightening. Am I the only person who didn't know you can take a photo with the volume control button on the iphone and not just the center button (see tip #2)??? And the same author offers more tips here in "A Quick-Fire Guide to Better iPhone Photography." Blu-tack is definitely on my next Wal-mart list - I've never thought of using it for a tripod. 

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Eryn Campbell Wilson said...

Oh I love this!! I need to take these 10 pictures with Reed! Thanks for sharing!!