Monday, April 18, 2016

Hiking at Table Rock

Spending an entire day outside is just about the most perfect way I can think of to spend a beautiful spring Saturday. Fortunately, Ryan and Caroline agree! We spent Saturday hiking at Table Rock State Park. Nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains it feels like a world away from our normal lives even through it's just 30 miles from our backdoor. The big hike to the top of Table Rock Mountain is 3.6 strenuous miles one-way but supposedly one of the best views in South Carolina can be seen from the top. We are saving that for another day!

We started off exploring the lodge and waiting for our friends, Craig and Jennie. It's one of the best examples of CCC-era architecture in the country and has been completely restored.  

The second floor balcony - love these the light fixtures - offered a great view of Lake Pinnacle and Table Rock Mountain. 

Our original plan for the day had been to go sailing to celebrate Jennie's 30th birthday. But after looking at the weather and seeing that the water would still be pretty cold, we decided to hold off on that and do a hike and picnic. It worked out better for me and Caroline since we would have just been spectators on the sailing front!

We did the two-mile Carrick Creek Trail. It was just right. Not too hard but offered beautiful views and lots of little waterfalls. 

Caroline's first time in a baby backpack. She seemed to like it and even took a very long nap! We borrowed this one from a friend, but I think we'll have to get one of our own. Anyone know if they make a double decker one? I much prefer riding the horse to playing one:-)

The dogwoods were still blooming and we saw lots of wildflowers. Not sure what these are, but they sure were pretty. The top right looks like pink honeysuckle? 

And nothing works up an appetite like hiking in the fresh air. Afterwards, we pulled out fried chicken, pasta salad, vegetables with dip and brownies for a picnic. 

All birthdays must include fun party hats, right?

And candles!

The guys played bocce ball and the girls hung out on the blanket.

Craig caught a little gecko lizard and Caroline thought he looked cute!

On our way home we stopped at this little store, Aunt Sue's, for ice cream and to check out the general store. It was really cute and reminded me of our time last summer in Pigeon Forge.

I love both of their expressions here. This girl knows what she wants! She liked her first - very small taste - of ice cream! 


annabclark said...

I can picture you wearing one baby on the back and one in a front pouch. That would not be exhausting at all. ;)

Kara Paulk said...

Haha! Well I do have an Ergo and Bjorn so I guess it's a possibility but I sure hope not!