Friday, April 29, 2016

Garden Talk I

It's amazing how when spring starts to come it just comes on all at once. All of a sudden it feels more like summer than springtime. And for us, that means lots of outdoor living. I've slowing been putting the finishing touches on the new herb garden. A rabbit ate one of my plants so off to Home Depot I went for a little garden fence. It seems to be doing the trick!

Ryan added these globe lights for me and I love them. Our intention is to extend them around the entire patio. We have loved being able to eat out on the patio!

The herb garden: mint, basil, parsley, German thyme, rosemary, cilantro and one Roma tomato plant (replacing the cherry tomato plant that was eaten!). 

I made little markers for the plants with wine corks, a sharpee and wooden skewer sticks. Gotta love Pinterest!

And I'm not entirely sure, but I believe these are the sunflowers C and I started back in March! I planted them here a few weeks ago when they started to look a little puny inside and then forgot all about them.

In the raised beds: celery, sage, oregano, several varieties of tomatoes and peppers (California bell pepper, jalapeno, pablano and ghost), zucchini, squash, carrots and strawberries.  I wasn't planning on doing this many vegetables but friends and neighbors offered the tomato and pepper plants they'd grown from seeds, and I couldn't turn them down. The strawberry plants came up from last year, but my last little visitors picked all the flowers before I realized what was going on so there probably won't be too many strawberries!

My process involves mixing Black KOW with the existing dirt, digging a whole, adding crushed egg shells and then placing the plant with loosened roots. Last, but not least, water, water, water.  

And blooming elsewhere:

Daisies and Sweet William coming up in the front. I love how the daisies follow the sun. In the morning they're facing the porch and by late afternoon are pointed towards the street. 

The grape vine is making a comeback! I never did anything with all the grapes from last summer...maybe this year! 

Bearded iris in the front bed putting on a show.

The yellow rose bush is in full bloom. No sign of the Chicago rose I planted next to it last year :-( 

I had to e-mail Net a picture of these and ask if it was a flower or a weed. She said columbine flower! It's pretty! I love having an old yard - you never quite know what will pop up from year to year!

It's next to the peonies. As of this morning the first flower has opened! Peonies may be my new favorite flower. At least until the hydrangeas bloom!

We love our little patio! Caroline is so proud of her outdoor highchair. Al fresco season is in full force around here :-)

Hope you have a good weekend! Ryan and I are having one last date night before Baby 2 and we've hired our first babysitter. Gulp. I feel like a real grown-up! Happy Friday, friends!

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