Saturday, April 16, 2016

Garden Baby

Flower watch 2016 is on in full force around here. Last year I did a good job of recording what all was growing in our yard and garden (you can find links in this post). This year I don't expect  to be paying it as much attention, but things are starting to bloom and grow, and I've enjoyed showing Caroline everything. My goal is to get the soil in the beds prepped and possibly planted before Baby 2 arrives. Then hopefully I'll be able to keep up with watering and weeding between naps, bottles and diaper changes.

Happy baby in the garden! She's probably thinking that soaking her in SPF 70, wearing a hat and sitting under a shade cover is a little overkill in the sun protection department. Especially since I was working on my tan!

So the plan so far: In the fenced garden area I've put KOW manure in three of the boxes and plan to put tomatoes and peppers in these. If you're interested in tomato plants, check out these great tips from the Grumpy Gardener. I like his point about heirloom tomatoes. My experience has been they are hard to grow and worth buying at the farmer's market!

After attempting various sizes of gardens for the past eight or nine years, a few things have finally sunk in. 1) I'm going to get tired of watering about the time it gets really important to water so don't over plant 2) That preparing the dirt is just about the most important thing you can do for a successful crop whether in pots or in the ground.

I usually get so impatient to just get plants in the ground that I don't take the time to do the dirty work (see what I did there? dirt? dirty work?). Not this year! I'm turning the bed between the back of the house and the patio into a kitchen herb garden. The first step has involved killing all the plants that were in it - some sort of leafy bulb thing that was pretty but just a good place for mosquitos and snakes. Move along bugs and vermin!

Worms are a good thing in the garden! I could get into worm farming. Did you know that's a real thing?

Anyway, I'm determined to do this herb garden right from the beginning. I'm picturing the one at The Grand in Point Clear. About two months ago I covered the ground with cardboard to stop the growth of the plants that were in the bed. Then about a week and a half ago I sprayed it with round-up to kill everything. Not organic I know but sometimes you gotta go in for the kill. As the saying goes: work smarter not harder!

Slowly turning over the dirt and removing the bulbs, roots and other remnants from past plants. Next step is to add some KOW manure and then the plants. This is taking me so much longer than I'd planned. But I'm not moving as quickly as normal these days!

The azaleas have put on a beautiful show this spring and the hostas and hydrangeas are really starting to put out foliage. And some things are already blooming:

One iris is up.

And the first yellow rose!

 And there are buds on the peonies. I just love these!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend with beautiful spring weather. We are headed to a local lake for a picnic and hike with friends. I'm looking forward to spending the day outside! 

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