Saturday, April 2, 2016

An Unexpected First & Book Review: Sparkling Green Earrings

We had a different kind of first this week. Ryan's day off fell in the middle of the week, and we made plans to meet our friends Katie and Daniel at Bonefish for supper. They went to Ireland last week and we wanted to hear all about their trip. Before we left, feeling a little proud of us for being ready on time and having a few minutes to spare, I got Ryan to snap a few pics in front of our neighbors' azealas.

Caroline did great during our meal. We'd packed her bottle and broccoli and sweet potatoes. When we were waiting on the check, she started to get a little fussy. Ryan handed her something to chew on/play with and she seemed happy with that. She was standing up in my lap - facing me - and all of a sudden she stops smiling, and I have a sinking feeling she's about to get sick. She did. ALL over me. The just-digested meal of broccoli, sweet potatoes and milk went all over my (clean!) hair, down the inside of my dress and trickled down my legs to the diaper bag at my feet. It was so gross. We had a backup outfit for her (not that she needed it!), but not one for me. The only response is to laugh. She and I waited outside until everyone else was ready. It may be our last trip to such a nice restaurant for awhile!
And isn't this the most precious picture? Poor baby was having issues falling asleep for her afternoon nap so I caved and let her snuggle on the sofa with me. She was asleep within two minutes!

And on the best book I've read recently...

I'm about three years late in finding out about Sparkling Green Earrings but I absolutely enjoyed every sentence of this book. It's laugh-out-loud-in-public funny. The author's (Melanie Shankle) insights and commentary on life are so relatable. And, bonus for me, much of it is about her days in early motherhood to daughter, Caroline!

I love this passage describing her and her husband's first night at home with their new baby:

Right there in our dining room, we were overwhelmed by love and grace. Overwhelmed by this sweet, sweet song who lay sleeping quietly next to us, all wrapped in pink and sucking on a pacifier that was bigger than her face. It was as if God had just walked over to the table and sat down. It was a holy moment. A holy moment with a mixture of a lot of awe and more than a little fear about what we were supposed to do next.
And there are a lot of lighter moments like in Chapter 11 (entitled Potty Training: Bringing People To Their Knees Since Forever):
..potty training a child is the equivalent of teaching a cat to tap-dance, and there are CEOs of large corporations who have never felt that level of's incredibly clever that I can ask a device smaller than my hand where the closest Starbucks is or what the weather will be like the next day, but there is no app that will convince your child to enjoy the benefits of indoor plumbing as opposed to sitting around in her own excrement.
Definitely one to add to your Spring Break/Summer reading list. I'm itching to get my hands on her newer books now!

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