Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Two Years of Fun

Two years ago on the first weekend of Downtown Alive and Main Street Friday (the live music that happens every Thursday and Friday night downtown) Ryan and I made our first house hunting trip to Greenville. We'd found out the week before at Match Day that we'd be moving to South Carolina and were so thrilled and also a little intimidated about moving so far from everyone we knew! Our realtor suggested we go downtown for the first concert of the year and discuss the options we'd seen that day.
A lot has changed in those two years and all for the best. Friday night as we sat outside on Roost's patio listening to the music, I couldn't help but get a little sentimental. By the end of the summer there'll be another little baby at this table!

I hate Ryan's eyes are closed but this was too cute of Caroline not to share. And those fried pickles with pimento cheese were a-mazing!

This is Caroline's I'm-so-tired-but-I-want-to-hang look. She was asleep within five seconds of making it back to the car!

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