Wednesday, March 30, 2016

So much fun at six months

How is this precious baby half a year old already? She seems to change and grow every day. She's brought so much joy to our entire family and lights up faces of all that come into contact with her with her contagious smile. She "talks" all the time and has the most expressive facial expressions. It's not hard to guess what she's thinking! Here are six facts about Caroline at six months:
1. Growing like a weed

Between four and six months Caroline grew 2.5 inches and gained a little over a pound! She's always stayed in 21% for height and weight but now is in the 69% for height (at 26.5") and 36% for weight (at 15 lbs 10 oz). The shots were awful. She was fine once we got home but then completely lost it at bedtime. The next day she was fussy and I'm sure it's because her little legs were sore.

Sitting up is old news to her now and she can do a sort of scoot on her tummy. She seems to go backwards more than forwards! She loves the johnny jumper.

2. Loving your food

Meal time is so funny. It's messy but so fun. If the weather is nice we eat out on the porch and you just love it! My mom got her this plastic bib/smock at Ikea. It's plastic and very easy to just wipe down at the end of each mealtime. You've liked most of the food we've tried except for avacados (which was fine because I just turned it into guac for me:-)

3. Loving your three lovies

You seem to have chosen three lovies and are delighted to see all of them at each nap and bedtime. This just melts my heart because I was always into my stuffed animals more than baby dolls. In fact, my lovie, Jackie, hangs in place of honor over her changing table. In the crib are Ellie the Elephant (from your cousin Ellie), Duckie (from Elizabeth Magee) and Glowwarm (from Santa). I love hearing you press the glowworm and it starts playing a tune - I know you are no longer asleep or havn't gotten to sleep yet! And you've almost completely dropped the passie on your own. You like to hold them in the crib but hardly ever want to suck on one!

4. Finding other babies so fascinating

The facial expressions in this picture just slay me! You are going to be the best big sister. You are absolutely fascinated by other babies. Those that are crawling and those that are tiny. We walked with a friend earlier this week who has a 7 week old and Caroline squealed and "talked" to him. He looked a little overwhelmed.

5.  Happiest of happy babies

You continue to be a laid back baby with the happiest disposition. When I pick you up from the church or gym nursuries, the workers always comment on how happy and smiley you've been. I dread the seperation anxiety stage, because it's hard enough to leave a happy baby! You only get upset when your bottle isn't ready on time but as long as we start singing "Shake, shake, shake. Shake your bottle" you calm down and know it's coming!

6. Loving the outdoors

With the warmer weather we've been spending more and more time outside and you love it. You love touching the grass and watching the dogs run around while I work in the yard. Scout's wagging tag is also very entertaining. You aren't quite fast enough to catch it! You continue to love our walks around the neighborhood especially in the double stroller that has a seat where you can sit up. We tried walking this week in the snap 'n go and you were having none of it. Towards the end of the walk, I let you just sit up in the stroller and you were instantly happy again.

I think she's going to grow up and want a convertible - she loves the wind in her hair! So excited to see all the changes and adventures waiting for us in the next six months!

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