Monday, March 14, 2016

Good-bye Downton, Irish-ish and More

The past week as been so much fun (and a little exhausting!). We are back into our normal routine with Ryan's crazy work schedule. Sweet Caroline is starting to get some teeth (I think) and a couple of afternoons she has been just miserable between her 3 p.m. bottle and bedtime. The first day I was unprepared, but now have a freezer full of things she can chew on and know where the tylenol droper is located. Somehow it's so hard to find things with a small, screaming baby on your hip! Also, what did we do before Pinterest and Google?

We've enjoyed beautiful weather recently and have spent a lot of time in our backyard. Nothing cures fussiness like being outside! Caroline can watch me throw the ball for Scout for ages. We are loving our new swing and I highly recommend this book - Sparkling Green Earrings by Melanie Shankle. It's laugh out loud funny!

I cannot believe Downton Abbey is over for good. It's always the thing I look forward to the most after Christmas! Jennie and I watched the finale one day last week. I pulled out my great-grandmother's table runner and silver cream and sugar set - she was born in 1900 so about the same generation as Lady Mary and her sisters. We had tea and tea biscuits. The BBC did post an article about Julian Fellows new show and it looks good - so there's hope!

Exercising has gotten interesting these days. While Ryan was on an "easy" rotation I was able to go to the 6 a.m. barre class and be home before Caroline woke up and he had to leave. But now my barre teacher has had a baby and the class is taking a break. In it's place, I'm trying to swim at the indoor pool at the Life Center. The good news is that Caroline loves the nursery, this child has never met a stranger and the nursery has some really fun jumping toys that we don't have at home. She actually cried when I picked her up to go!

One morning I met Jennie there for a swimming-for-exercise lesson. She let me borrow a swim cap, and I felt very professional. Although, I'm sure I looked far from it! Afterwards I got Caroline out of the nursery and we had fun playing in the pool.

We had a playdate with Maggie and Lillie one morning. I love that Caroline is trying to pat Lillie here. This is her new thing - giving love! And I'm so glad she loves other babies :-)
Scout is the most excited member of our household that Caroline is now eating real food. He may develop a weight problem...

This is the first time she tried to reach out and pet one of the dogs. Now everytime they pass her she reaches out to them! It's the sweetest thing.

Caroline is so excited to have her own sunglasses - she cannot stand the sun in her eyes.

Saturday morning Caroline and I walked the St. Patrick's Day Dash and Bash 5K with some friends. It's the slowest 5K I've ever done but also the first with a baby and pregnant! 

Katelin and I are in a Side-by-Side Bible Study together and her daughter, Heather, is about three months younger than Caroline. Both babies slept through most of the race.

She wasn't sure about the Drive's big green mascot but she still took his finger!

Saturday afternoon we took Caroline to the playground at the Downtown Airport. The small planes are fun to watch but I wouldn't want to be on one!

And the St. Patrick's Day fun continued on Sunday afternoon with festivities downtown. 

Look at the fountain dyed green!

Caroline's onsie says "Kiss me I'm Irish-ish."

She loved the Irish dancers! Couldn't take her eyes off of them. We kept thinking she was going to sack out for a nap, but she stayed up all afternoon!

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