Monday, March 28, 2016

Easter Weekend

We had a delightful Easter weekend. Ryan's day off happened to fall on Good Friday so that was nice! We attempted to shop for Baby 2 in the morning but, sadly, the stroller I've been eyeing was sold (it was the floor model for 35% off) and the car seat we picked at the Target sale was out-of-stock. So back to the drawing board!

We dyed Easter eggs and that was a success. The March issue of Martha Stewart Living had a method for creating speckled eggs using dry pantry items like pasta and grains and food coloring to decorate eggs. That seemed like a good option for Caroline since she can't exactly dip eggs in the dye yet and she loves to shake things. She was able to do it but kept wanting to drink it! This girl knows the purpose of the red solo cup!

Turned out pretty cute - eat your heart out Martha Stewart!

Ryan said he'd only dyed eggs one time as a child - he'll get to do it more as an adult:-) Notice his gloves;-)

And speaking of crafts, last week we made carrot footprints to decorate the mantle.

Pinterest win - use a sponge to dab on paint before doing the footprint. It worked so much better than trying to dip her foot in the paint and then on the paper.

Saturday Caroline and I palled around town since Ryan was on call. We started off in the pool.

And later on went to see our friends and their family who were in town visiting. Lillie is catching up with Caroline in the cheeks department!

Cutest bunny I know!

Sunday morning Caroline and I had a big accomplishment - we made it to church, on time, by ourselves. This has been so intimating for me (not really sure why!) and I haven't wanted to go without Ryan. We even had a few minutes to take a photo before we left.

Sweet pea sat with me in big church until the sermon started. She loves music and our church does the pageantry part of worship so wonderfully. She was very happy to see the jumper in the nursery and was not ready to leave when I came back!

Elizabeth Magee, Poppy and Mary Thorne placed an Easter Lily in the bulletin in Caroline's honor. It brought tears to my eyes!
I hosted some girls from my Bible Study whose husbands were also working over for brunch. We had fried chicken, deviled eggs, quiche, a vegetable tray and strawberry cake.

When the rains stopped we had a little Easter Egg hunt in the front yard. Caroline was so worn out from her active morning she slept for over two hours and missed the hunt.

And then sat out in the back and the girls threw the ball for Scout. Pepe doesn't want to beg to be petted, but he'll come sit by you and see if you'll scratch his ears.
Ryan got home late afternoon and we discovered the Easter Bunny had come and apparently loves to shop at Ikea just like me!!!

It was a wonderful holiday weekend celebrating our risen Savior. We all make such a huge deal out of Christmas, but it's really all about Easter for Christians. And now I feel like it's officially springtime!

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