Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Easter Basket and Bubbles

Nothing says springtime like Easter baskets and bubbles. We've had fun with both this week!

I've been reading about creating discovery baskets for Montessori type play. The idea is that you don't have more than a few toys out at a time and then rotate them. And that "toys" can be anything like a wooden spoon or whisk from the kitchen. So this week the basket is full of plastic eggs (not exactly Montessori, but I already had them!) and crinkle grass paper. I have a feeling I'll be sweeping this stuff up in July.

Caroline loves porch time as much as her mama and her puppy dogs. Most afternoons find us on the porch or in the backyard.

It dawned on me the other day that I don't have any "bad" pictures of Caroline (or anyone) anymore. In half of my childhood photos my eyes are half closed with an awkard facial expression. (This is probably because my dad always insisted that the sun be behind the camera meaning the camera subjects were left swinting into the sun). So, in that spirit I'm keeping it real with this photo (and the sun was behind me - somethings are just ingrained in you)!

I was afraid Scout was going to get an upset stomach from licking up all the bubbles. Pepe was less interested, but glad Scout was leaving him in peace for a few moments.
And when you haven't gotten to see daddy in two days, it's worth pushing back bedtime! Nothing gets Ryan out of the hospital as fast as knowing that Caroline is waiting to see him!

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