Friday, March 18, 2016

Boy or Girl? Red Cabbage Test

Are you having a boy or girl?

It's the first quesion almost everyone asks when they find out you're expecting. And when we say we're not finding out the typical response is, "how fun but I could never do that." Someone told me a long time ago that it's the only true surprise you can have as an adult (although I think our families got a true surprise in December!). And from a practical standpoint it keeps you from going crazy buying clothes and other items since most things come in pink or blue!

Anyway, now that I'm in the third trimester it's finally starting to sink in that we are really having a baby. Most people probably don't take 30-something weeks for that reality to start to feel real! But most people don't experience morning sickness while holding their newborn baby either. Before we told anyone about the new baby, we looked everywhere for a "Big Sister" onsie for Caroline - but apparently they don't typically come in three month sizes!

The first trimester was, overall, easy. I was tired but honestly don't know if that was getting up with a newborn every three hours tired or pregnancy tired. Probably both. But Caroline and I just snuggled on the sofa for hours on end. Towards the of that first 12 weeks I started getting morning sickness (triggered only by changing dirty diapers!). But by mid-December that was all over. I got the energy surge everyone raves about in the second trimester and it was fabulous.

So anyway, it's been fun to guess the gender based on old wives tales. The heartrate has fallen smack in the center of normal the entire pregnancy so the old stand-by high heartrate means girl and low heartrate means boy is out. The Chinese gender prediction calendar says girl but the calendar switches from boy to girl just a few days before my due date.

We were with a group of residents the other night and our hosts have recently found out they are expecting. They plan to find out the gender but have a few more weeks of waiting. Someone mentioned the supposdly accurte red cabbage gender prediction test and we decided we had to try it. We waited until just about everyone had left and then started our little experiment...

It starts with boiled red cabbage. Chop it up, bring to a boil and then let it sit 10 minutes. Then in equal parts combine urine with red cabbage juice in a glass jar.

Hold it up to the light for an accurate assessment of the color.

Three physicans in this picture, but we are resorting to old wives tales! Red/pink means boy and purple means girl...

What do you think? All I truly care about is a healthy baby. A girl would be so great because she and Caroline would be such good playmates and a boy would be a great playmate and it would be fun to have one of each! So either way -- we will be incredibly happy and thankful for this little miracle!

We'll see soon!!!

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