Thursday, March 24, 2016

Birthday Fun in Birmingham

Sunday morning Caroline and I made a quick trip to Birmingham because some very special cousins were celebrating turning THREE! On our way we stopped at my cousin Margaret's house in Atlanta for a quick visit.

Ellie had picked out several toys she thought Caroline would enjoy playing with but Caroline found Ellie's hair the most interesting! Ellie also had some great advice for being a big sister. Namely, that you tell the little brother or sister "what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong." That sums it up nicely!

We made it to B'ham in time for Elizabeth Magee's soccar game. The day was beautiful but colder and windier than expected!

Holding twin girls -- something these two are used to doing! How did Mary Thorne and Poppy get so big? It seems like yesterday they were new babies!
Elizabeth Magee was a little distracted by all that was going on on the sidelines!

Does anyone else think Net and Caroline look like Russian refugees?

And then it was time for the main event -- an Egg Hunt party! The cakes were adorable and featured their favorite lovies. Mary Thorne's had her "Mimi" and Poppy's had her puppy dog. 

Sis timed the egg hunt and it lasted one minute and 36 seconds.

Let me just brag on how sweet these nieces of mine are for a second! After the party Mary Thorne and Poppy each opened a few gifts before saving the rest for the real day on Wednesday. Mary Thorne opened a Peppa Pig set and immediately handed it to Caroline. She told me "Baby Caroline" would like to play with it!  What three year old does that? Elizabeth Magee and Poppy helped me put Caroline to bed and each sang her a good night song (but different ones at the same time!). Poppy also insisted Baby Caroline needed her puppy dog lovies. It was so sweet. Unfortunetly, she started missing them about 3 a.m.

Cartoons with her cousins. Caroline was disappointed to learn that cartoons don't come on on TVs in Greenville;-)
And look who came back with us! It's extra fun to go through IKEA with Aunt Bonnye because she can pronounce all the Swedish words! We had lunch (I loved the Swedish meatballs) and spent two and a half hours poking around IKEA.

And Caroline found a little kitche that I'm thinking may have to find it's way to our house by Christmas!

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