Saturday, March 5, 2016

Back Blogging: Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving seems like it was both yesterday and a million years ago. My cousin, Kristina, and her husband, James, came to visit us and it was so so fun to introduce Caroline to her extended family. It also showed me that we were capable of having company and putting together a nice meal (although I think Kristina did most of the work)!

On the Anderson side of the family we play games! We had a challenging game of Clue on Wednesday night. I can't remember who won but it wasn't me!

Somebody woke up happy on Thanksgiving morning. I think she heard there was going to be lots of food and she didn't have to help with the dishes!

Thanksgiving morning calls for a trip to Starbucks and a walk through Falls Park. Ryan and I did this last year so I guess now it's a tradition, right?

While Kristina and I cooked, James and Caroline watched football. We called James the baby whisperer. 

Our spread included: smoked turkey (thanks to neighbor Don), gravy, sweet potatoes, Mama Jean's macaroni and cheese, stuffing (for James - not to be confused with dressing that we didn't have because Ryan was working and I wasn't making it for me and Kristina!), and green bean casserole. It took a little longer than we planned - we didn't eat until almost 3 p.m. 

But we did pull out the nice silverware and china. After we stuffed our selves silly, we went to the hospital to visit Ryan. He treated us to more Starbucks. Poor guy was pulling a 30 hour shift and this was just about half-way into it. 

Thanksgiving is tough if you're little!

And on Friday Kristina, James, Caroline and I walked part of the Swamp Rabbit Trail and met up with Ryan for a game of putt putt. That night we went out to eat and then they left Saturday morning. We loved getting to see them - they live in south Florida and were excited for cold weather and a chance to wear their warm clothes. I'm excited to go visit them when I'm in need of warm weather! 

Christmas post coming up eventually :) 

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