Thursday, March 10, 2016

Back Blogging: Showers & Christmas in Greenville

Our sweet friends helped us celebrate Caroline's arrival in so many ways. They brought us food, they gave us much-needed baby supplies and they know how to throw fun parties!

The first was a party celebrating all the internal medicine/med-peds babies and babies-on-the-way.

Hop (with mama Jordan) was born in July. Linda and Maggie have both had girls since the party.

The dads had a bottle chugging contest. I think Richard won.

In December Maggie and Jennie threw a sip 'n see for Caroline at Maggie's house.


Decorating for Christmas was so much fun. We got a tree right after Thanksgiving and Caroline loved the lights. And fun fact: This is the first picture I have of Scout since the day we brought Caroline home. He was so happy to be included:-)

Ryan picked out her stocking!  

This picture is so pitiful but so descriptive of the scene. Ryan was working but really wanted Caroline and I to go to the Med-Peds Christmas Party. It's a white elephant gift exchange and it's at his director's house. So we went. It was our first solo nighttime outing. Once we got in the car, C was fine and she seemed to enjoy the party! I figured she'd fall asleep in the baby bjorn but she stayed wide-eyed the whole time.

Number 1 on my must-do Christmas list was a picture with Santa. After looking at all our options, I settled on the Santa at the mall. Thirty dollars and an hour later, we left with five precious pictures. We stopped at Bi-Lo on our way home and there was a free Santa with no line! I told Ryan just don't even look! 

This is one of my favorite pictures of Caroline. We were about to leave the house to go Christmas shopping and she was so happy. 

My mom came for a few days to visit and we had so much doing our Christmas shopping together.

Ryan and I were able to go to the Internal Medicine Christmas party while she was here.

One of my favorite Christmas traditions is making buckeyes (peanut butter balls dipped in melted chocolate) so Mom and I made some and Caroine watched. I'm sure next year she'll be ready to taste them!

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