Sunday, March 20, 2016

Back Blogging: Four Months and Fabulous

Caroline turned four months on January 19th. The only hard part of the month was when she got her four month shots. It was just awful. She cried. I cried. Ryan walked in right as it was all over, and I think he was close to crying. We were a pitiful little family for a couple of minutes! Then I mentioned to Caroline this was a great time to ask for that pony we've been talking about. Ryan says at least I make myself laugh :-)

But everything else about four months was just fabulous.

- Rolling over more frequently from her tummy to back

- Really started loving the Bumbo seat and we got a tray for it that really helps with throwing things off of it!

- Caroline and I took our first solo mama-baby road trip to Birmingham to see the art show at Elizabeth Magee's school. While we were there Caroline got to spend time with all three of her great-grandparents which was so special.

Sweet Poppy has put her much treasured dinosaur on Caroline's tray! These two were so sweet to "Baby Caroline"! 

We spent one morning in Tuscaloosa at Aunt Bonnye's house with MJ and PC. 

Four generations

Even Maggie thinks C is pretty darn cute:-)

Caroline's middle name, Grace, comes from Papa Carrel's mother. 

- This sweetie pie smiles all. the. time and laughs very easily

- Still eating 6 ounces at 7 a.m., 11 a.m., 3 p.m. and 7 p.m.

- started finding her feet and began liking tummy time more

- made the switch to size 2 diapers

- transferring pacifier between right and left hands and seems to favor reaching for things with her left hand

We had lots of fires - and enjoyed most of them!

We had a touch of snow towards the end of January.

This snowman decorating kit came from a white elephant gift exchange at the med-peds Christmas party. It was the inspiration Ryan needed to build us a huge snowman! 

We continued to enjoy going to the Bouncing Babies class at our library and just love it. It's like Caroline realizes that this is her thing. And after watching the other babies crawl and toddle around her tummy time improved so much. Nothing like peer pressure even if you're a baby apparently! 

Recognize that table on the wall with a comb, and a brush and a bowl full of mush? The entire room is painted like the nursery in Good Night Moon.

A little cold weather won't keep us inside! We bundled up and went on lots of walks. And I reminded myself of how Mama Jean says that mothers in Norway would bundle their babies up and leave their prams outside for naps to get them accustomed to the weather.

This picture cracks me up. Ryan was sure he could study and watch Caroline while I ran to the eye doctor one afternoon. He called me after about an hour and said she wouldn't quit screaming and did I really need new contacts? I came home to find this. 

We hosted a Super Bowl Party and I made a King Cake. 

Caroline's buddy, Daniel, she just adores him!

Joel found the baby!

Someone not feeling like taking a picture with Lillie!

Daddies and their girls - nothing sweeter. 

And the next weekend our families came into town to celebrate her baptism. Now I believe I'm all caught up in the life and times of Caroline Grace! She turned six months yesterday and I cannot believe this sweet child is half a year old.

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