Saturday, March 26, 2016

A Taste of the Green Stuff

Caroline had her first taste of "real" food about a week ago. First up was broccoli puree (steamed broccoli run through the food processor). Her expressions were priceless!

First bite and she seems to say, "Well that was interesting." 

I'm not so sure about this???

OMG, Mama, what are you letting Daddy put in my mouth?!?

It may be okay IF I'm in charge of the spoon...

Nope. Make it stop!!! Ya'll can have it and I'll just take my bottle, now, please!

I'm happy to report that Caroline's thoughts on food have only improved in the last week and a half! We've now had broccoli puree (again), carrot and broccoli puree, bananas (for breakfast), sweet potato puree and sweet potato and broccoli. The sweet potatoes have by far been her favorite. She's also had a taste of goat cheese (she loved) and pimento cheese (not loved so much). She's also getting the hang of the Dr. Brown sippy cup. 

Broccoli and sweet potatoes - it's all good!!!

When Mom and Aunt Bonnye were here, Caroline decided that reclining back in the bath was for little babies. And it's way more fun to sit up and play with the new bath toys from Siggi.  

And we're carseat shopping for a convertible seat for Caroline. So strange that she'll be in this type of seat for years! Time slow down! My little bitty baby isn't looking so little bitty anymore!

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