Wednesday, February 24, 2016

My Kinda Weekend

Last weekend we had our first "normal" weekend since the first of December! Meaning Ryan was off both Saturday and Sunday and not recovering from night shifts. It was fabulous!

Saturday morning we had breakfast at Stax diner (picture the diner in Seinfeld) and voted. It's been fun to live in a state where the national news pays so much attention to the primary! Greenville was live on the TODAY show that morning. 

But the big adventure for the day was taking Caroline to the zoo for the first time. We thought it'd be a great way to mark five months! Our Greenville zoo is very small, but clean and when she's a little older will be perfect for running around. It's also about five minutes from our house so that's nice!

See the giraffe in the background? That's Walter, the father to the zoo's newest member Tatu. Tatu and his mother must have been behind the wall because poor Walter kept pacing in front of it and looking over. Ryan said he had sympathy for the poor fella - somebody's gotta go to work:) We were disappointed the baby giraffe was inside because of the cooler than forecasted weather.

Being turned around in the Bjorn is a new thing and was the perfect way to see the animals!

I told Caroline I will probably always under dress her for the weather and Ryan will over bundle her up. So maybe she'll grow up to dress herself appropriately:) In my defense, the weatherman had promised a beautiful, warm Saturday!

We had to stop for the water fowl. Duck hunter's orders.

The billy goat at the barnyard turned out to be the most entertaining animal of the day. Next time we'll bring more crackers! 

Sunday we made it (on time!) to early church. It was Caroline's second time to the nursery and they said she smiled at everyone the whole time. And I didn't cry dropping her off this time, so that was a plus! We came home and Ryan and our friend Daniel and neighbor Don tackled a big project - a swing for the backyard!

Caroline directing! She was so interested in what all the noise was about that we spent most of the day watching the progress. I have so missed having my front porch swing that I lived on in Jackson. Our porch doesn't have the support for a swing so Ryan has been promising this project for over a year! Thankfully, Daniel works for a lumbar supply company and he delivered all the materials. 

Ta-da! Now if the weather will stay clear for three straight days I'm going to stain it!

I've gotten a little bit of the spring gardening bug. I think it's probably a little too early to start my seeds but I may just anyway!

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annabclark said...

She looks like she enjoyed the ducks as much as her Daddy. That smile. ;)