Thursday, February 25, 2016

Back Blogging: The First Week

Oh my goodness where to start? I guess with coming home! (If you missed it, Caroline's first few days are here).

Om Monday, Sept. 20 we got the all clear to go home. We weren't really sure if we should bring clothes to the hospital or not. Our adoption agency person had told us it was fine to bring a few things, but to leave them in the car. I didn't expect not to go home between when Caroline was born and when we all went home together. So, she ended up not wearing home the pretty gown I'd planned on. But this little outfit from Elizabeth Magee was just perfect. And see the tiny cap? There's an elderly lady in a nursing home in the town where she was born who knits those for the hospital. Isn't that so sweet? 

I have never seen anyone more anxious to get home than Ryan was that day. He was pacing the floors. He was ready to go at 7 a.m. and as you can see from clock behind us, it was almost noon before we were discharged! 

This is what three days of no sleep, the same clothes and no make up looks like on me -- pure happiness though!

Meeting Scout. Pepe wasn't as curious!

I love Scout's expression here! He has been de-throned and he knows it:)

We took our first little walk that afternoon. 

Ryan had off Monday and Tuesday and we were so thankful to the other residents who covered his patients - residency schedules aren't designed for sudden things such as new babies to just pop up!

Our first bath at home -- I was a nervous wreck. In fact, I think she was a month old before I gave her a bath by myself. She was so tiny and slippery! 

Our first visitors:

Jennie and Maggie


That night these dear friends came over and brought us supper and then stayed and ate and we all just admired Caroline. It was so fun to show Caroline to them. We weren't allowed to have visitors at the hospital - which I completely understood!

There wasn't a whole lot of sleep those first few nights. She slept in the Moses basket in our room. Ryan ended up sleeping on the floor next to the basket one night! 

Wednesday morning Ryan left for work and Caroline and I started our countdown to Siggi coming. 

We were waiting on the porch! There were lots of happy tears. 

And on Thursday Sis (aka Sissy to Caroline) joined us! On Friday, we all took Caroline for her one week follow-up appointment and she weighed 6 lbs, 6 ounces and was still 18.5 inches long. She'd gained three ounces over her birth weight!

Spending those few days with my mom and sister were so special. Sis went to work getting Caroline's nursery decorated and organized. She found us a crib, a glider, art work for the walls, a changing table/storage space and a rug. I never would have gotten it together so quickly. At one point we were out running errands and Caroline was at home with mom. She said, "You'd rather be home." And took me right home and continued on her mission. My friends were quite impressed with all she did in three days!

Mom and Sis took over the night feedings and I got a few good nights of sleep. It was amazing how much it helped! We kept a detailed journal of all her feelings, sleeping and "movements" the first couple of months. I love looking back at it because it does all blur together a bit!  Sis left Sunday morning and we started week be continued...

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