Saturday, July 4, 2015

Playing Tourist

It's so fun to play tourist and not have to leave home. And there is so much in Greenville that is fun to show friends! Kim was here for a couple of days and I so enjoyed showing her around town.

We went straight from the airport to Passerella's. We share a love for all things French and so I knew she'd love the croque monsieur. It did not disappoint!

And then to exploring downtown and Sip. We grilled out Wednesday night and toasted Ryan for completing his first day as second year resident! I took his "first day" picture, but he'd have a cow if I posted it :)

Thursday we spent the day at the Biltmore in Asheville. It's just so grand and made us what to come home and watch Downton Abbey. Fortunately, our PBS station is playing re-runs on Thursday night!

The French Renaissance chateau has 255 rooms and was completed in 1895. While I love seeing the beautiful banquet hall (with a triple fireplace and 7 story ceiling), the kitchens and pantries and laundry rooms are so fascinating to see how this large operation actually ran.  

The view of the forest and mountains are just amazing. 

And you know I loved the gardens as much as the house. 

Thursday evening we joined some friends for a birthday celebration at Chicora Alley

And Friday was rainy off-and-on, but we enjoyed puttering around town. We made one last stop by Falls Park again because I'd forgotten to show her the famous roots tree. 

Can't wait for her (and Lee!) to come back again! Happy Fourth!

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