Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Garden Talk XIV

It's been awhile since I last posted about what's going on in the yard. When I started this post the pink lilies in the front were just about to bloom and now they are just about finished. The main theme of late July/August is water, water, water. I try to give everything a really deep soak at least once a week if we haven't gotten any rain. Fortunately, we got a good afternoon rain shower yesterday and have the possibility for rain all week.

The pink lilies trying to open -- a few weeks ago now. I believe these may be 'Stargazer.'

Tiger lilies showing off:

With all lilies it's important to wait until after all the leaves turn yellow before cutting it back. 

The zinnias are so big and full of blooms. 

And are attracting many butterflies -- this little guy wasn't disturbed at all by my picture taking!

Althea in the back. This is one of those plants that you tend to find at old houses across the South. It is low maintenance and won't wilt when it's hot and dry. It's almost impossible to kill. We've got three of them -- two purple ('Minerva') and one white ('Diana').

We've gotten a couple of handfuls of cherry tomatoes and the heirloom tomato produced only ONE tomato!?! The Big Boy tomato plant looked so bad when we got home from vacation that I just pulled it up. The squash is still flowering but NO squash to be seen. The herbs are doing okay and I've enjoyed using them in the kitchen!

There is one little watermelon...

Overall, I'm not impressed with my little garden. I think I need to work on my soil and trim some trees along the edge of our yard to get it more sun. 

I am happy with my window boxes!

These pink vincas are right outside the window over the kitchen sink -- making dish washing much more pleasant! 

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