Tuesday, July 28, 2015

A Full House

Hello, blogland! Sorry for the recent lack of posts, but we've been busy, busy, busy with company. Ryan's brother, Jason, and his crew came in late Thursday night and left this morning. We had so much fun showing them Greenville!

I thought having seven people in our little house was going to be tight squeeze, but we all just fit right in. There always seemed to be a line for the bathroom, but that's okay!

Silas (the littlest guy) was so excited to play golf with Uncle Ryan. 

Ryan was able to join us Friday afternoon for a tour of downtown. The bridge and waterfall at Falls Park is always impressive. 

Silas, Eli and Harper in front of the Roots tree (also in Falls Park). We listened to music downtown Friday night and then headed to supper at one of our favorite places, Sassafras. 

Saturday morning we checked out the downtown Farmer's Market and then completed the "Mice on Main" scavenger hunt -- and took the obligatory picture in front of each mouse. 

We stopped by the park for a quick game of baseball/waffle ball. 

These two manned the grill for a cookout on Saturday night. 

After hamburgers we sang Ryan an early "Happy Birthday" with his favorite seven-layer chocolate cake. His real birthday is today! It was so nice that Eli is old enough to babysit. He stayed home with the younger kids and the rest of us went to the Comedy Zone for a show. 

Sunday afternoon we took a picnic of Bi-Lo fried chicken and potato salad to Paris Mountain. Then we hiked and enjoyed some water time at the lake.  

Eli had left us far behind by this point and so missed the group funny selfie. Jason didn't quite get the message we were making silly faces. So he says ;)

Monday we hit Discovery Island - it's a county pool on steroids with huge slides, a lazy lagoon and a surf area. 

We made lots of great memories and their visit was the perfect distraction from the fact that this week starts Ryan's critical care rotation (one of the hardest of the year). The "easy" schedule we've enjoyed for the last couple of months is over, but we are excited by all that is coming up!

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