Monday, June 22, 2015

Weekend Snaps

We are getting totally spoiled by Ryan having normal working hours and weekends off! August is going to be a rude awakening back into the world of residency, but for now we are enjoying every single moment. And enjoyed kicking off the true start to summer with lots of summery activities.

My favorite place downtown is Sip Wine Bar. I love the view, love the patio, love the half-off wine during happy hour.

Can you see the people posing on the rooftop garden? 

We met Kristin, Amanda and Brandon for a drink. Kristin and I decided we should check out Sip's competition across the street, Stellar Wine Bar. Sip still wins in my book! Then we went for sushi at Miso's. So good!

Saturday morning it wasn't too hot and we played a round of tennis. I did better but still lost 4-6 :(

My Junior League transfer group had a little pool party to celebrate no longer being transfers. This has been such a great group of girls to get to know. Our fearless leader, Shari, hosted us and even ordered this gigantic swan float so we'd look like Taylor Swift. I had no idea this was a thing!

A rouge thunderstorm drove us inside to eat, but we waited it out and got back in the pool. It was fun to meet everyone's husbands. 

And, of course, Sunday was Father's Day and am so thankful for Facetime and getting to "see" my dad even if not in person! Funny story about the bottom pic: Mom sent it to me and I told her I had a copy of that picture but thought it was Sis and not me. She told me this morning she thinks I'm right, but that no would know! 

Happy Monday!

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