Friday, June 26, 2015

Trail Ride & Garden Talk XIII

We went to see the movie "Jurassic World" last night and it was so good. I jumped so much I may have lost a year or two off my life, but it was worth it!

The complete opposite of Jurassic World would be the dude ranch in Wyoming where my cousin Ivy is working again this summer as a wrangler. Her pictures like this

and this

make me wish I was there with her. Part of her job is to dress the part and last year I'd passed along some horse show shirts leftover from my Western Pleasure days with Lady at the Tate County Horse Show. This was my favorite one and made by Mama Jean. Ivy's picture brought back lots of fun memories. At least I'm in Wyoming in spirit and shirt!  

My riding outfits these days aren't nearly as cute. Yesterday morning Kristin and I rode at her new barn (she's moved to Bushy Creek Stables in Easley - check out her new website!) and had a wonderful time. It wasn't too hot if we stayed in the shade! Sonya and Charm did great except they were both totally freaked out by the tiniest little creek. We finally got them both to cross it. Obviously, we need to practice walking and not jumping across it!

Charm & Kristin

Sonya & Me

And when I can't be out at the barn, my second choice is my garden! These pink gladiolus may be the prettiest we've had so far. They are so happy looking!

Some kind of lily is just blooming and there are many more right behind it! Any one know what type of lily this is?

In the backyard the hostas are looking dainty. They remind me of the talking flowers in "Alice in Wonderland."

The first cherry tomato has turned red and is waiting to put in a salad tonight. My vegetables seem pretty scrawny and I'm not sure if it's my dirt lacking nutrients or not enough sun. 

The watermelon is growing and has a couple of blooms. 

The squash is continuing to bloom, but, according to our friend Richard, we only have male blooms and just female blooms will produce vegetables. Learn something new everyday!

Happy Friday!!!

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