Monday, June 15, 2015

Smoky Mountain Getaway

We had the most lovely long weekend to Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. We've been trying to get together with our friends Eryn & John and their little boy, Avery, and we finally decided to just meet in the middle. It was so nice for me because Eryn had the whole trip planned out. We just showed up ready to have fun!

The Smokys are just beautiful. They aren't overwhelming awe-inspiring like the Rockies, but are just as magical. We had to pull over and take a picture just inside the national forest. 

I'm going to have Ryan withdrawals this week. We've had such a fun week together. 

All vacations must start off with a drink, right? We enjoyed a cervesa at Loco Burro's rooftop bar and got a great overview of downtown Gatlinburg. Warning: Lots of pictures below. And lots of tourists. Many in blue jean cutoffs and tank tops. 


The bar stools were particularly cute.

We met John & family at the Cherokee Lodge in Pigeon Forge. It was the perfect place to stay. We had a two-bedroom condo with an amazing little kitchen/great room. It even had a gas fireplace. The pool was the biggest hit and not just with the two-year old -- all the boys had lots of fun on the huge slide!

Eryn and I had fun watching them slide and trying (and I failed) not to get our hair wet! We had supper at the Smoky Mountain Brewery.

And then hit up The Old Mill Creamery

The deliciousness was overwhelming. I chose the 'breakup chocolate' sugar cone. 

Afterwards we hit up the nearby river and tried a little fly fishing. Ryan and I wanted to show John what we'd learned in our class and he showed us what we were doing wrong!  

Caught my first trout. I think it was more freaked out than me. 

I looked over Friday night and John and Ryan were both absorbed in these books. Avery was sitting on the floor playing with his trains. 

John and I are both early birds so we went back to the river early Saturday morning. 

And caught a small mouth bass. Can you tell from my expression that that thing had a strong jaw and pointy teeth!?!

Ryan and John dared each other to try the ghost hot sauce in All Sauced Up. You can see the videos on Instagram, but they were both in tears by the end of it. 

The three of us went to Kiddie Kollege together back in 1988!

We ate lunch at the Pancake Pantry - Tennessee's oldest pancake house - and it lived up to all the hype. Afterwards, we decided we needed to walk off some of those calories and took a short hike in the national forest to see Cataract Falls. 

We hit the pool again and then had dinner at The Pottery House Grille. We had the spinach artichoke dip (very good!) and Ryan and I split the pimento cheese burger. 

Ryan waiting on John to come around the corner. Apparently, you never outgrow the fun of pelting friends with water balloons! 

Avery is such a cutie pie and he loved my wedge sandals!

Beautiful view on the ride home. 

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