Monday, June 8, 2015


I got back late last night (really very early this morning!) from a wonderful few days in Senatobia and Petit Jean. I've talked so much, in fact, that I've lost my voice! So to back track a bit...

Wednesday morning I left Greenville at 5:40 in the morning and was in Memphis a little after 8! The flights were on time and no turbulence. I am a nervous flyer and was glad to be on solid ground. Mom picked me up and we headed straight to Oxford.

I can't be in Oxford and not see my favorite two houses and people! Our first house on Salem and the Tri Delt house on campus. It seems like so long ago that we lived on Salem, but I was happy to see the plants I worked so hard on are still there. We stopped by Oxford-University United Methodist Church and had the most wonderful visit with Jan and Emily. It's been eight years since I worked there. It was and I'm sure always will be the best job in the world!

Mama Jean, Papa Carrel, Aunt Bonnye and Emma Kate are also on their way to our family reunion and spent Wednesday night in Senatobia. Mom had arranged a FaceTime call with their best friends in Norway - Liv and Ainar. Ainar wasn't home, but their son Hadold had taken his phone to Liv's for the call. Hadold and my mom grew up together and love to tease each other (thus mom's facial expression - MJ had mistaken Hadold for his father and was going on and on about how he hadn't aged!).  

Thursday morning I was still on Eastern time and woke up way too early. So I watched the sun come up on an early morning run (and was very pleased to find out that I'm almost a minute faster per mile in Senatobia than in Greenville). My loop took me past the visiting fair, and I so wish we'd been able to go!

Becca and I have been trying to figure out a time to see each other for almost a year. So Bec and Bryan brought Martin and Livi down for the day and they played and played while Becca and I talked and talked. It was the most fun day. We started off at the church's playground. 

This picture is not posed. I don't think Bec and I stopped talking for six hours straight and we still have more talking to do!

Bryan is the best daddy.

Net's toys are so fun. Martin found a joker from an old Happy Meal and told me to make sure and tell Net to keep that  Joker out. It was the only boy-approved toy he saw all day. Livi this car and took it for a spin upstairs!

Sis and her girls got to Senatobia early afternoon and the pool party hit a whole new level of fun. Poppy popping in the pool. She kept saying "pop, pop, pop." She is gradually warming up to me - I still look too much like her momma for her comfort!

Mary Thorne helped me out on sunscreen (after she'd covered her face). I think EM is practicing her ballet moves in the water. 

Warren was home for a few days (with an amazing new haircut!) and West is home for the summer. I so enjoyed getting to catch up with my cousins. We documented this as Net's first selfie! 

I ran up to Hernando for a few minutes to see Ryan's brother, Jason, and his family. Jason was in a church softball game so we went to watch. 

Silas and Harper with their cousin Lucy. I missed Eli but hope to see him soon! And (no pictures, unfortunately) but I had a great visit with Rhetta and Daniel and their kiddos. Parker cried when I left (probably more because it was bedtime but I'll take it!) and Emily is walking. So good to see them!

Elizabeth Magee is the best little artist - I think she got Papa Carrel's art gene. I drew the unicorn and she colored it in. 

Look at her "E" and "M" - Aunt Sis is very impressed. 

Friday morning we left Senatobia for Petit Jean State Park in Arkansas for my grandfather's family reunion. We've met our Anderson cousins there every other year since 1987! It's so fun to catch up and get to know these extended cousins. Here's a link to the 2011 family reunion (we missed 2013) and the post on this year's is coming soon!

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Enjoyed our visit soooooo much! Love you friend.