Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Garden Talk XII & A First Round of Golf

Somehow it's been awhile since I've posted about the yard! We are in the middle of a heat wave (at least I hope it's a wave and not just how hot it's going to be all summer!) and everything needs to be watered at least once a day. On the first day of the extreme heat the horses at the barn drank the entire 100 gallon water bucket.

But even with the heat, our plants are still growing and changing. The best part about going out of town for a few days is coming home to see what has bloomed.

Stealing the show this week are zinnias lining the porch. Hard to believe these were the little seeds in an egg crate way back in March.

And I finally got around to planting the side and back window boxes. On the side are 'pacifica polka dot' vinicas. 

And below that box, the grapes are really getting big. I've got to read up on when/how to harvest them!

The front window boxes are getting a little more full looking. And sporting American flags!

Big lilies have popped up in several spots in the front yard. After they bloom, I'm going to do a little rearranging so they aren't coming up inside a boxwood.

Continuing to love my lantana. And moving on to the back...

In the kitchen window box, I put 'pacifica punch' vinicas - they are the most vibrant pink color. And the hydrangea started off with darker blue blooms but is now getting more purplish/pink in color. 

The banana trees are HUGE. Don't know what we are going to do about this!

My clearance rack hibiscus has bloomed. Isn't it pretty?

The cherry tomato plant has 16 little green tomatoes that are going to be so tasty on a salad. There are blooms on the squash plants and the other tomato plants all have a couple of small green tomatoes. I'm losing the battle of the strawberries to the bugs. The watermelon (in the far right in the above photo) has grown about a foot. 

The Carolina jasmine is making its way up the arbor to the garden entrance. 

And the lime tree continues to fill out and has one little bloom on it. 

Watch my garden grow: III, IIIIVVVIVIIVIIIIX, X and XI

And this is back tracking a bit, but one of the fun things we did last week when Ryan was off was play 9 holes of golf! It was my first time to actually play and not just tag along in the golf cart. 

It was a beautiful day but so incredibly hot. But not as hot as the heat wave we are experiencing this week! I was totally worn out though by the time we got done. Mainly because I did not wear the right shoes - boat shoes are made for boats not a walking golf course!

I only got in the sand pit once but was extremely frustrated trying to get my ball out of it. I may have just picked it up and chucked it as hard as I could. 

Ryan asked me if I felt like I was at home. Apparently, it is courtesy to sweep the sand pit after you mess it up. This I do not understand!

It was fun, but next time we are definitely going to a course with golf carts.   

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