Friday, June 19, 2015

Five for Friday

In no particular order here are five things that I'm grateful and/or excited about for at the moment...

1. A/C

I can't imagine living without an air conditioner. I know people did, and it hasn't been that long ago that they did. BUT I'm so thankful I've never had to experience that. And I'm super thankful that our neighbor, Don, is an A/C repair man. He and Ryan had a new unit installed before the house even heated up.

2. Tennis Tourny Update

Ryan is still winning. And the only set I've won was when his eyes were dilated from a trip to the eye doctor. I'm thinking he will win our summer tournament. We finally decided the prize would be a nice pair of sunglasses. My chances of winning these are pretty slim.

3. Saying good-bye to our Mississippi friends

Amber & Sam are heading back to his hometown of Kosciusko this weekend. He is finished with residency and they are so excited. We are excited for them but sad to say good-bye! But we are looking forward to a visit in August!

4. VBS

My mom and sister both had Vacation Bible School this week at their churches,and I so loved the thought that we were all three doing the same thing -- just not at the same place! Mom said, and I agree, that VBS must make God so happy. The children were precious and I feel like I know a lot more people at our church. An added benefit is I've finally figured out the layout of the church. It's very old and has been added onto multiple times and it's easy to get lost. I only locked myself in a courtyard once trying to take a shortcut between two buildings!

5. New {to me} blog from Bloglovin.

My friend Emily introduced me onto Bloglovin about a year ago. It's a site that allows you to bookmark favorite blogs and receive e-mails when there's a new post. It also suggests blogs you might enjoy. That's how I found my new favorite design blog: My Scandinavian Home. Look at this post featuring a Swedish Summer Cottage on the western coast of Sweden. It reminded me how much I loved last summer's comedy Welcome to Sweden. I'm happy to report that the second season starts next month. Here's a fun story about the show's creator and main character Greg Poehler (he really is a Swedish citizen now!).

I'm looking forward to a weekend at home with Ryan off work. Hopefully, we'll get in a few rounds of tennis if it's not too hot. Have a great weekend!

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