Monday, May 11, 2015

Outtakes from the Weekend

A few outtakes from the weekend...

The yard sale was a success! And it's so much easier if it's not at your house like last year (and better when you also don't have to move). I made $80 and took the unsold items to the Junior League shop and met my donation quota for the year. The best news is that I can finally say that the last of the moving boxes is gone and my pile of crap from upstarts has been cleared out. And it only took about 50 weeks! 

See below for my Artisphere post. Once again, mind blown by Greenville and its awesomeness :)

Ryan got home earlier than expected on Saturday afternoon so we went to see the movie "Hot Pursuit" with Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara. I was worn out from yard saling since 5:30 a.m. and Artisphere and sitting and laughing sounded like the perfect late afternoon activity. The movie was very cute and not spoiled by previews. 

Everything's more fun when you make it a competition with a prize, right? We are now three sets into our summer tennis tournament. I'm sad to report that I'm down by three sets. Fortunately, we haven't decided on what the winner gets. Right now I'm thinking it's dishes and laundry for a month duty. I do that 90% of the time anyway. 

How was it six years ago, Becca, that we graduated from our "Pharmacy School Breadwinners Wives Club?" We watched and discussed Grey's religiously on Thursdays. We had short hair. We e-mailed about 700 times during the day while at work. They were looking at houses in Arlington and we were staying in Jackson. 

*     *     *

Just to keep it real...on Sunday morning I was so proud of myself for getting to church on time and even had remembered to clip a red rose from my neighbor's garden (with permission!) to wear for Mother's Day. As I was sitting down in the pew, they lady behind me leans over. Mentally, I'm prepping to say "thank you so much" when she compliments my pretty rose. She leans over and quietly whispers, "your dress is unzipped, let me just fix this for you." 

I about died. I'd just walked though half the sanctuary full of about 500 people. 

Pride cometh before a fall....
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